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National Book Lovers Day is celebrated every year on August 9. We know the Energy Central Community is filled with both enthusiastic readers and renowned authors, so we thought this the perfect opportunity to invite those in the Energy Central Community to either share books they have written or share a book that you have read that you think would be of interest to the community.   We are specifically looking for power industry-related books! 

Authors of Power Industry Publications: we invite you to leave in the answer section below your book and even a link to where your peers can purchase that book. 

Readers of Power Industry Publication: we invite you to leave in the answers section below a book that you feel would be of benefit to the community to read. 

We're looking forward to expanding our reading list on the Energy Central Community team!

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I believe people working in the power industry, as well as those working in the transportation market, will find a wealth of information in the book I wrote entitled “The Changing Energy Mix: A Systematic Comparison of Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy.” The book compares 12 nonrenewable and renewable energy sources using 12 technical criteria, and helps to explain why some energy types are increasing in popularity while others are losing their place in the market. The book can be found at the links below:

The Changing Energy Mix - Paul Meier - Oxford University Press ( : the changing energy mix by paul meier

In addition, I recently helped make a podcast about this subject.

The need for affordable and clean energy [podcast] | OUPblog


"Empowering Electric and Gas Utilities with GIS" and "Modeling Electric Distribution with GIS" books which are both written by Bill Meehan are great industry-related books that I reference from time to time. Both books have a great wealth of information in learning how to implement and improve our utilities with GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

I highly recommend The Power Brokers, by Jeremiah D. Lambert, to anyone interested in the development of the utility industry in the United States. It's available in all formats, including Audible. Published in 2016, the book describes the development of the vertically integrated utility structure, the spread of federal power marketing agencies, and how FERC and the Federal Power Act have shaped the electric power industry. Lambert also describes the rise and fall of Enron and its leadership.

Hybrid Nuclear Energy Systems - A sustainable solution for the 21st Century, Elsevier Academic Press. Provides a broad introduction to energy production in general and a hybrid-nuclear systems in particular. Includes environmental, economic, safety, technical, and regulatory comparisons of all major electrical generation technologies. Author: Michael F. Keller. available from Elsevier, Amazon and  major book retailers.


Superpower, One Man's Quest to Transform American Energy by Russell Gold is an excellent discourse on the roadblocks to setting up long-distance, high-voltage transmission lines to get the power from wind and solar to major centers of population and industry.

As an aside, I'm working on 2 books in the subgenre of climate fiction, entitled Climate Dragon + Entropy Dragon.

Prometheus Books published my book, "The Energy Switch: How Companies and Customers Are Transforming the Electrical Grid and the Future of Power" in June 0f 2021. The book was the culmination of over 330 articles I had written for Forbes, numerous trips to sites such as ISO control rooms and turbine manufacturers, and a ton of additional research over the past ten years (50 pages of footnotes are meant to help readers if they want good source material or further discussion of the "dry stuff"). It's an effort to tie together all of the various trends and convergences across the industry, and suggest where we may be headed. I wrote it for the energy professional I was ten years ago - I wanted to better understand how everything ties together and back then I couldn't find a source that explained it that way. Perhaps the most rewarding part of the endeavor was the help I had from the LinkedIn community. Over two dozen SMEs volunteer to read and edit chapters and set me straight where I had made mistakes (and indeed I had made a few!) Amazon probably best place to find it:


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Dave Bryant on Aug 8, 2022

That is awesome. I'm going to track it down. Thanks!

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Sandy Lawrence on Aug 17, 2022

Just ordered your book. Sounds great, I have huge interest in how our dysfunctional grid needs to evolve. 

I have written a book entitled "The Changing Energy Mix, " which makes a systematic comparison of renewable and nonrenewable energy using twelve different technical criteria including proven or estimated energy reserves, the cost of delivering that energy, efficiency and energy balances, infrastructure, footprint, and environmental issues. This book combines a wealth of information surrounding the electric and transportation energy into one succinct book for twelve different nonrenewable and renewable energy sources. The book also discusses why some energy types are increasing popularity and others are losing their place within the market.

The book is available directly from Oxford University Press (The Changing Energy Mix - Paul Meier - Oxford University Press ( as well as from Amazon ( : the changing energy mix).

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Audra Drazga on Aug 5, 2022

Bill - Love it - I plan on reading a couple! Putting on my list. 

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Jesse Nyokabi on Aug 5, 2022

Thank you for sharing.  Putting them on my list.

Here are some of my favorites - 

The Great Texas Wind Rush, by Kate Galbraith

Termination Shock, by Neal Stephenson (a climate change novel)

Dynamos and Virgins, David Roe

Environmental Costs of Electricity, Pace Energy and Climate Center

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Audra Drazga on Aug 5, 2022

Karl - this looks like a good list - I plan on checking some of these out. 

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Karl R. Rábago on Aug 10, 2022

Oh, and how could I forget: Power Loss, by Richard Hirsh!

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Matt Chester on Aug 11, 2022

Wish I had this reading list before the summer!

Well, I have written several energy-related books, but my favorite book is "Reaping the Wind: How Mechanical Wizards, Visionaries and Profiteers Helped Shape our Energy Future." Written like a novel, the book tells the story of the birth of the modern wind industry in California in the late '70s and early '80s, with a focus on the rivalry between Kenetech (formerly U.S. Windpower) and Zond (which became Enron Wind and then GE Wind.) The book follows the story of leading wind energy pioneers and the drastic steps they took to survive. The book can be purchased here:

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Audra Drazga on Aug 5, 2022

Thanks for sharing!

Below is the relevant information for my books.  While they are not specific to the energy industry from an engineering perspective, they do apply to the health, safety, risk management and continuity of operations needs of energy companies.


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Audra Drazga on Aug 5, 2022

Thanks for sharing Geary! 

It's not a reference book. But my favourite power industry short story is "High Eight", which was published in Analog magazine sometime around 1960. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the author ages ago...

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Audra Drazga on Aug 5, 2022

Thanks for sharing Eric!