Energy Efficiency Professionals: With Earth Day coming up this Thursday April 22, what are you working on to clean up the planet? Share your work with the community & seek out ideas/feedback!

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It’s Earth Day this Thursday, April 22 and we want to hear the voices of the Energy Efficiency Community from every corner of the United States, Canada, and even the world.

Let’s together paint a picture of the busy, dynamic world of EE that is helping to create a more sustainable planet. Make a Post on AESP-Energy Central’s EE Community and tell us about the current project you are working on. Are you launching a new pilot? Conducting home energy audits? Just completed a program evaluation? Trying to get a new technology off the ground?

Share your post by April 20, or send it into our Community Manager at with the subject line 'Earth Day 2021' and it might be selected to be highlighted in a special Energy Central Earth Day newsletter, reaching our vast network of professionals in the power industry. 

You can share highlights such as:

  • Current project(s) related to EE
  • Questions or help you may need 
  • Future expected outcomes 
  • Lessons learned
  • Successes

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If you need any help, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at Looking forward to seeing how you're putting the planet first this Earth day!

A fellow community member from Pepco shared this really interesting app they put out to help their customers reduce their carbon footprints:

Pr. Georges County & Pepco Partner to Help Residents Reduce Carbon Footprint


“When each of us makes small changes in our daily routine, using tools like EcoCRED, we build habits that help reduce our ecological footprint,” states Bill Tyler, Director of the M-NCPPC, Department of Parks and Recreation. “The EcoCred App will provide residents with information on the Department’s sustainability efforts and events, and how they can take part,” Tyler concludes.

Benefits of the EcoCRED App include:

Build Eco-Friendly Habits - Discover simple daily actions that truly make a difference (like Bring your own bag and Veggie Day). After you choose your habits, the app will help you stay on track.

Measure & Track Your Footprint - Use the ecological footprint calculator to measure your environmental impact and track your progress toward lowering it.

Get Offsets - With offsets, you can lower your impact on the planet and help bring powerful sustainable initiatives (like wind farms) to life.

Collective Action - Join over 40,000 EcoCRED members and be part of collective climate action. See how your individual efforts tally up and reduce carbon emissions.


“At Pepco, we are committed to powering a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities,” said William Ellis, Pepco region vice president. "We are pleased to partner with the Department of Parks and Recreation in Prince George’s County to help customers make more sustainable decisions that are healthy for our environment.” 

But I have a different expression from my research point of view. I am a Researcher from 20 years in energy field. Prevention is better than cure. I believed in this. My thinking is for "parallel solutions" rather than minor solutions. I confirmed my efforts in solving problems. Coming to the point, we all are thinking about LED, or power saving, power cut, power shortage, production cut due to power non-availability, like many more issues. But my research for 20 years forced me to make research on parallel solutions or alternative solutions on how to produce more energy, say, alternative technologies. I have achieved in my efforts. Barring the existing current facilities, like solar, wind, coal power plants, diesel generators, diesel plants, nuclear power plants, etc. I am convinced there are many methods can be designed and developed to produce clean and cheaper energy with abundant volume than the current. Therefore, my work on research and experiments convinced me, instead of thinking or working too much on minor issues to save energy and spend money, parallel solutions are the best at-least not to talk about energy saving for another 1000 years including not increasing the price too. I worked on one point " availability and non-availability" and I have made a comparison, on both. There are many areas we can do cost trimming, which will not help to contribute greatly to "availability". There are many ways as shown in all the above 4 answers which are too most important in the respective fields locally or all over the world. All these are well appreciated, (and hope can be implemented easily )and still need to do work at rocketing speed such innovative activities to benefit well. Thus, as per my research I have worked energy efficiency in a great way that energy is " available" abundantly, once my three major inventions are introduced to the world. All these are invented to fight CO2 from power plants, and to make energy "available plenty, and cheaply". Therefore, I decided to work more on my research ( 98% work is over and no more research is needed) and get them implemented fast. So, my efforts to contribute to "availability" to eliminate "non-availability" to help people to get the actual requirement fully and not to keep pending their developmental activities in their areas due to mismatch of "demand and supply". I have now commented about the fact that, more energy sources, at cheaper level are needed, which is possible easily as per my experience during my research. Ashokan

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Matt Chester on Apr 22, 2021

Prevention is better than cure

Well said, Pulikkal! Thanks for your insights on this-- and Happy Earth Day!

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Pulikkal Ashokan on Apr 23, 2021



thanks Mr. Matt for your nice comments

regds ashokan

Energy Efficiency is central to achieve SDG goals. Please have details of some of the EE initiatives taken by Govt. of India (GoI).

NACFE ( is working to educate the North American trucking industry on numerous ways to slash diesel fuel use or eliminate it completely with electrification and hydrogen fuel cell trucks. Our 10 session Electric Truck Bootcamp is free to all fleets and utilities and leads into a 13 battery electric truck demonstration with 13 different fleets this fall! Check it out at

Matt Great topic.  Energy Efficiency is a great way to save and be smarter about power use. A simple example is the LED light. It is 10 times more efficient than an old incandescent bulb.  The old bulbs make 90% heat and should be called a Heat Bulb and not a Light bulb. An LED will last longer and provide better light. The LED also lasts longer by a 100% or more longer life.