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Currently with Tom Alrich LLC, I provide strategy and compliance consulting to electric power industry clients and vendors to the power industry, focusing on the NERC CIP cybersecurity standards. A big focus is CIP-013, the upcoming supply chain security management standard for the North American power industry.

As I have since early 2013, I continue to write my blog on cybersecurity and NERC CIP compliance for the electric power industry. Readership has been good, with over a million views since 2013. You can find the blog here:

I am currently writing a book on NERC CIP-013, the supply chain cybersecurity standard, which will be published in the fall of 2020.

Previously, I was a Manager of Enterprise Risk Services at Deloitte, where I worked with clients to help them understand and implement compliance with NERC CIP versions 5 and 6, as well as CIP-013, the upcoming Supply Chain Security Management standard. Prior to that I was a Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Honeywell Process Solutions, where I promoted and delivered Honeywell's Industrial Security and Compliance services, primarily in the North American electric power and gas transmission and distribution industries. I focused especially on the NERC CIP cyber security regulations for the electric power industry, as well as on cyber security issues of the Smart Grid.