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Inventor of patent pending (16/933161) technology: METHODS FOR VERIFICATION OF SOFTWARE OBJECT AUTHENTICITY AND INTEGRITY and the Software Assurance Guardian™ (SAG ™) Point Man™ (SAG-PM™) software and SAGScore™ cybersecurity risk score for software object trustworthiness as part of a comprehensive software supply chain risk assessment process (C-SCRM), adhering to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework V1.1. Version 1.1.5 of SAG-PM™ was released on 11/08/2021 with full support for the NTIA supported SBOM formats, SPDX and CycloneDX needed to meet the May 12 Cybersecurity Executive Order requirements for SBOM for both software vendors and software consumers.

Lead Software Engineer for Reliable Energy Analytics (REA) Software Assurance Guardian™ (SAG™) Point Man™ (SAG-PM™) software to protect the electric grid from harmful software objects, in accordance with FERC Order 850 and NERC CIP-010-3, R1, Part  1.6 Software Integrity and Authenticity Verification by applying NIST Cybersecurity Framework V1.1 best practices for risk assessment and management; SAG-PM Description

Over 40 years developing software products and solutions in the Energy industry with 14 years working at ISO New England building the ISO's Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platforms and Enterprise Architecture; Software Architect for ISO New England's Forward Capacity Market Clearing Engine. Software Architect for the "Always on Capacity Exchange" solution for wholesale capacity market reforms, now under consideration by NEPOOL. Extensive experience leading technical teams in the design and development of Advanced Data Analytic platforms used in Risk Management, Market Monitoring, data mining and operational support within the Energy industry. This experience has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of ISO New England’s applications and data, across markets (DA/RT, FCM, FTR and Reserves) and functions (System Planning, Settlements, Risk Management, Market Monitoring and Cybersecurity/PKI). Experience with other US utilities and RTO's (ERCOT) and the European Energy Markets having worked with EirGrid, the ISO for Ireland.

Successful developer of Energy Industry B2B and Cyber security standards at North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) ( since 1995; ANSI Meritorious Service Award Recipient;

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