Member since: 2003

Rafael Herzberg

- is an independent energy consultant, self-employed (since 2018) based in São Paulo, Brazil

* Focus on C level, VPs and upper managers associated to energy related info, analysis and solutions for industrial, commercial and institutional energy users concerning their decision making processes with respect to energy sources, energy usage and also development of plans to implement their decisions considering their boundary conditions.

* Help energy suppliers, utility companies with respect to their businesses from a strategical standpoint as well as with conflicts (mediation and arbitration cases involving contracts with their clients).

Independent, self employed energy consultant (since 2018)
- Co-founder and consulting partner at Interact Ltda. (since 1992 - 2017)

INTERACT was a pioneer in structured energy projects (energy efficiency, high voltage access, generation and cogeneration) and energy contracting (power, gas, biomass, solar, etc.) in the regulated and deregulated markets.
- CEO at ELTEC S/A from 1987 to 1992 where he started as an an electrical engineer right after graduation 

ELTEC was a leading Brazilian connector and accessories company supplying for all the electric sector (generation, transmission and distribution) - Led the ALCOA - ELTEC joint-venture from 1990 to 1992