Member since: 2016

Paul Budde is the CEO of Paul Budde Consulting, an independent consultancy company, focusing on the telecommunications market and its role within the digital economy. 
Paul specialises in the strategic planning of government and business innovation and transformation around the sharing and networking economy, resulting in building smart cities and smart communities (including e-health, e-education, smart grids, smart transport and digital media. He has been involved as an advisor in discussions on this national interest concept during meetings in the White House and with the FCC, the United Nations and the governments of the Netherlands, Australia, Britain, Qatar, Ireland and New Zealand.
He has assisted the UN in setting up the Broadband Commission for Digital Development of which he consequently was the special advisor, he was also the lead author of a report that was presented to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
He was the founder of Smart Grid Australia, is the inaugural executive director of the Australian Smart Communities Association as well as a founding board member of the Global Smart Grid Federation.