Member since: 2020

The Energy Management Association (EMA) offers ANSI accredited and DOE Better Buildings® Workforce Energy Management Professional (EMP) certification.  

·       Meets “Qualified Energy Auditor” requirements for the new ASHRAE Standard 211, the world’s first comprehensive standard for energy audits.

·       Cities, states and utilities increasingly cite the EMP as a qualifying credential to perform energy-related work.

·       EMPs include representatives from some of the most established companies in the industry. To view a complete list, click here.

·       As a subsidiary of ACG, EMA and the EMP program are supported by the largest network of independent certified commissioning providers in the world.

The EMP certification was originally developed by a committee of ACG-certified members who were experts in both energy management and analysis AND commissioning. The EMP therefore reflects an explicitly commissioning-based approach to energy management, an important distinction because as you know, commissioning processes are essential to ensuring that energy conservation and facility improvement measures (ECMs and FIMs) are implemented properly so that their benefits persist.