Member since: 2002

William (Bill) Meehan is the Director of Utility Solutions for Esri. He is responsible for business development and marketing Esri’s geospatial technology to global electric and gas utilities.

A native of Boston, Meehan earned degrees in both electrical and electric power engineering. Starting in 1994, he held various director positions at NSTAR/Boston Edison before becoming vice president of electric operations in 2000. In the latter role, Meehan managed a 1,200-member team and actively supervised integration of geographic information system (GIS) software into NSTAR operations, all while managing a capital budget of $170 million.

In 2002, Meehan joined Esri as the director of utilities. During his 15 years in that position, he has advised and directed hundreds of projects that integrated GIS into electric operations. An experienced writer, he has authored the definitive books on gas and electric utility GIS–GIS for Enhanced Electric Utility Performance, Empowering Electric and Gas Utilities with GIS and Modeling Electric Distribution with GIS–in addition to hundreds of articles, papers, and blog posts. Meehan is known for his charismatic storytelling style and ability to make complex subjects easy to understand.