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VP of Engineering and Engineering Services

Central Electric Power Cooperative Inc.

Location: Columbia, South Carolina US
Position Type: Full Time
Rqd Education: Bachelor's Degree
Rqd Experience: Executive Management
Date Posted: April 26, 2021
Reference Code:

Position Summary:

Provide Transmission leadership, assistance, and guidance to the President & CEO and the Board of Trustees in the development of major corporate objectives, in technical project management, and in the development of appropriate controls and reporting relationships.

Management Responsibility to provide leadership and support to enhance the safety culture of Central, and actively participate in and work to maintain and improve the Central Safety Program.

Represent Central in the negotiations relating to the ownership, planning, operation, and maintenance of local and regional transmission systems.

Responsible for continually monitoring the progress of risk management strategy and plans including analyzing the appropriate costs and benefits to the Company within the Transmission area of responsibility.

Responsible for ensuring adherence to Central Electric’s Reliability Compliance Program including SERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards, Standards of Conduct (SOC) and all national Federal Energy Regulatory Commission/North American Electric Reliability Corporation (FERC/NERC) reliability standards.

Responsible for creating and maintaining all policies, procedures and programs for the major functions within the Transmission Department’s area of responsibility and for ensuring that they are consistent with company goals and objectives.

Management Responsibility for the Planning, ROW Acquisition, and Construction of Central’s Transmission Projects, and for supporting and ensuring adherence to Central Electric’s values and objectives as defined in the Business Plan.

Represent Central at various meetings of utility organizations, committees, and joint participation projects, and stay abreast of Local, State, Regional, and National issues.

Responsibilities include:

Transmission O & M

  1. Management responsibility for the operation and maintenance activities of Central Electric’s transmission system, including high voltage transmission line and substation facilities.
  2. Management responsibility for assuring the maintenance of high availability and reliability of power transmission lines and substations.
  3. Management responsibility for assuring the effective management of capital improvement projects and for additions and modifications to existing facilities.
  4. Management responsibility for the analysis and development of methods for the on-going improvement of the quality of transmission system operations and maintenance to ensure the consistent operational reliability of the system.

  Transmission Engineering

  1. Management Responsibility for the transmission system and facilities, electrical and civil engineering functions, construction management, and technical resources to ensure that power delivery requirements are effectively and efficiently met.
  2. Responsibility for project and construction management activities for all transmission projects and projects supporting telecommunications construction activities.
  3. Management responsibility for compliance with RUS technical requirements for all transmission projects.
  4. Ensure all reporting requirements are met and records are properly maintained in compliance with government regulations (including RUS).

Transmission Planning

  1. Management responsibility for transmission system development planning.
  2. Management responsibility for the oversight of activities involving Central Electric’s participation in the negotiation of transmission system interconnections.
  3. Management responsibility for the oversight and direction of activities involved with the coordination of transmission system planning with other entities including Members and Santee Cooper.
  4. Manage the determination of Bulk System needs as Integrated Resource Plans are determined.
  5. Recommend functional area objectives; develop specific short-term and long-range plans, programs and supporting budget requests.

System Operations

  1. Management responsibility for the real-time system Load signal of Central Electric’s interconnected transmission system.
  2. Management responsibility for the design and Operations & and Maintenance of Central’s Telecommunications/SCADA systems and facilities.
  3. Management responsibility for the project coordination of Transmission, engineering, and telecommunications-related projects and for ensuring the achievement of Central’s planning and operational objectives with respect to its Shared Communications Network Infrastructure agreement with Santee Cooper.
  4. Management responsibility for the efficient and effective operation and maintenance of Central Electric’s Energy Management System.
  5. Management responsibility for the engineering and design of corporate telecommunications facilities, including system protection and control schemes.

   Transmission - Corporate/Administration

  1. Review and assess the quality, control, content, effectiveness, and economy of functional area activities and implement changes to meet corporate needs, business trends, and to ensure maximum utilization of resources.
  2. Recommend annual functional area budget, which meets the cooperative philosophy in providing the most effective service to our Member Systems at the lowest cost.
  3. Provide administrative direction to managers; set high standards of professional, technical and business conduct and performance for functional area personnel and ensure equitable treatment of all employees.
  4. Participate in negotiations and ensure that contracts and agreements reflect the best terms for achieving corporate goals and objectives.
  5. Serve in an advisory capacity to committees of the Board of Directors.
  6. Represent Central Electric at various meetings of utility organizations, committees and joint participation projects. Providing the liaison between Central Members and Santee Copper, Duke Energy Carolinas, and Dominion for Transmission Issues.
  7. Provide Management for the Supervision of the following Technical Functions:
  • Recommendations on transmission reliability planning and operating criteria
  • Review and approve Load Flow and Short Circuit models for accuracy.
  • Recommend the most cost-effective facilities that ensure the transmission system meets both current and future needs of the Member Cooperatives, based on pre- established planning criteria
    • Coordinate with NHEC and consultants on relay settings associated with the Duke Energy Carolinas transmission system.
  • Assist with the planning and design of Member distribution facilities and providing Members with transmission system performance characteristics required to plan and design adequate distribution facilities. 
    • Provide technical assistance to Member Cooperatives in the areas of economic analysis, metering, communications, power quality analysis, stray voltage analysis, infrared inspection.
    • Assist Member Cooperatives with technical negotiations, on power supply proposals, and contracts with industrial prospects.
    • Provide liaisons with Member Cooperatives on all engineering matters.
  • Function as the contact for engineering communications.
    • Function as the senior technical advisors in the Power Delivery to both Central and Member Staff.
    • Lead O&M efforts with Central’s six (6) diesel generators by ensuring they remain up to EPA/SC-DHEC compliance standards and are operational when called upon to run.
  • Perform other incidental and related duties as required and assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Professional project management skills needed.
  • Must possess ability to interpret output data from Power System Simulator for Engineering (PSSE) and CYME Power Engineering Software to make accurate decisions regarding system coordination and relay settings.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Essential to be able to visit job sites and walk through and inspect the various sites.

Education and Work Experience:

  • The nature of this position requires an educational background consistent with the specific areas of responsibility or equivalent experience gained through progressively greater responsibilities.  In addition, it requires extensive management experience at the executive level, including the management of a major function/responsibility area in line with specific areas of responsibility.
  • Must possess extensive knowledge of corporate line and staff organization; fundamentals of management and management philosophies; government regulations; and current technology and trends affecting functional areas of responsibility.
  • Must possess the ability to delegate responsibility and develop key personnel; to direct and control the work of others to achieve goals and objectives; to work harmoniously with personnel at all levels, both internal and external; communicate effectively both orally and written; to analyze and evaluate situations objectively; and to make sound, timely decisions which may have long-term and wide-spread effects on the overall corporation.
  • Must be capable of efficiently and effectively organizing the resources available in the most cost-effective manner, and cognizant of the interrelationships existing between functional areas and those of other divisions.
  • Professional certifications may be required in line with specific functional responsibilities, i.e., P.E., P.M.P.
  • Related electric utility experience desired.
  • 15 or more years prior experience in the electric utility industry is desired

Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer.