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VP of Corporate Strategy and Government Affairs

Location: Portland, Oregon, WFH US
Position Type: Full Time
Rqd Education: Bachelor's Degree
Rqd Experience: Executive Management
Date Posted: April 22, 2021
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The Vice-President of Corporate Strategy and Government Affairs is responsible for the management and oversight of PNGC Power’s overall corporate strategy working alongside the CEO to further PNGC’s mission. S/he will also be responsible for the strategy related to engagement with state and federal governmental bodies and with other regional policymaking entities. This will include providing subject matter expertise and conducting analysis regarding policy and legislative issues impacting the cooperative, presenting complex information and making recommendations to the PNGC Power CEO and Board of Directors, and advocating for PNGC Board policy positions and represent the PNGC policy-making process on behalf of PNGC Power’s interests. These responsibilities will be carried out in collaboration with PNGC’s legal, power, transmission, and finance staff, as well as regional and statewide organizations within the industry. This position will also provide assistance with PNGC Power’s communications and marketing efforts as needed. 


  • Corporate Strategy: Work with the CEO to develop, manage and execute the overall vision and strategic plan for PNGC. Be able to work on the larger vision and create measurable progress to move towards corporate goals, including recommendation of avenues for advocacy and/or interventions, and building strategic alliances with other interested parties.
  • BPA Policy and Budget: In coordination with other staff, evaluate and assess policies affecting BPA costs, revenues, financing and rate structures; participate in BPA product, contract, and rate discussions as needed including provision of supporting analytical work.
  • General Strategy: Research policy issues; make presentations and recommendations to the PNGC Board and Member systems; provide information to PNGC Members on current state and federal rate, legislative and governmental actions affecting them; write issue briefs, testimony, news and journal articles, and editorials supporting PNGC Board policy positions.
  • Legislative/Regulatory Affairs: Manage PNGC Power’s involvement in current state and federal legislative and regulatory issues; influence the federal decision-making process in the Northwest and in Washington, D.C.; work with appropriate groups and political leaders to affect desired results; coordinate with state and national rural electric cooperative associations and others and advocate on behalf of PNGC Power’s Members.
  • Regional Affairs and Energy Policy: Assist in the development of PNGC Power’s strategy, provide leadership, and coordinate industry efforts on various regional issues, including energy market design (CAISO EIM), power supply, transmission, fish and environmental policies impacting power supply and transmission and others. Assess benefits, as well as risk and exposure to potential costs related to legislative, regulatory, and policy decisions.
  • Communications and Marketing: Coordinate with the Communications & Marketing staff to ensure PNGC Power’s internal and external strategic communications are in line with other efforts. 
  • Management and Leadership: Assist in management and leadership of PNGC Power, providing legal perspective and advice on business decisions, human resources management, and other management as appropriate.
  • Regional Issues: Provide leadership for industry efforts on regional issues in coordination with and in support of Manager of Marketing & Corporate Communications. Analyze and assess policy exposure and opportunity; work with government agencies on key policy issues affecting PNGC and its Members; help influence the federal, regional, and state policy-making process in the Northwest and in Congress.
  • General:
  1. Represent PNGC Power in industry and legislative groups. Building strong relationships with external stakeholders.
  2. Collaborate in a cross-functional senior management team with an emphasis on integrity, accountability, and servant leadership.
  3. Effectively present complex information and make recommendations to PNGC Power’s CEO, staff, Board of Directors, and Members.
  4. Provide information to PNGC Power Members on current government and policy actions affecting them; write testimony, articles, and editorials supporting PNGC Power Board policy positions.
  5. Ensure that all duties are carried out and coordinated in a manner consistent with PNGC Power’s overall financial and policy objectives.
  6. Advocate strongly for PNGC Power’s positions, both orally and in writing, across diverse forums.
  7. Create and manage the budget for all functions within the department.
  8. Manage consultant/contractor work as required.
  9. Other duties as assigned.



  • Excellent and effective communication, both orally and in writing, at all levels including Members, cooperative personnel, Board of Directors, regulatory agencies, and business associates.
  • Ability to research and understand technical aspects related to power and transmission policy development.
  • Strategic planning and development.
  • Either, extensive knowledge of the Pacific Northwest electric utility and power supply issues or equivalent and ability to ramp up rapidly.
  • Ability to understand, research, and help inform PNGC Power Members on policy regarding emerging market structures for the Pacific Northwest.
  • Ability to share complex data in a way that is perceived as both accessible and complete.
  • Ability to manage outside consultants to ensure appropriate results.
  • Ability to read, draft, and implement policies.
  • Proven analytical, written and oral communications, and demonstrated leadership.
  • Undergraduate degree from accredited college or university and at least 5 years of related and directly relevant experience.
  • Strong team player (internal teams and external teams).