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Utility Manager / Electric Company

Bear Valley Electric Service, Inc.
Location: BIg Bear Lake, California US
Position Type: Full Time
Rqd Education: Bachelor's Degree
Rqd Experience: 5+ years
Date Posted: January 5, 2021
Reference Code: 10B.20R


The incumbent works closely with the BVES, Inc. President and Treasurer and other members of the Leadership team in an environment of routinely sensitive and confidential issues. Therefore, the person in this position must have the ability to achieve and initiate policy objectives, including accountability for confidentiality of information.  As a responsible professional, the Utility Manager must be able to work with others as well as independently and exercise initiative and good judgment in the performance of the core job responsibilities of this position.

The Utility Manager is accountable for the activities of the Planning Department, which include all planning, technical decisions, and work orders for the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) and Generation systems. The Utility Manager must be skilled in the ability to answer questions, compile supporting data, and find immediate solutions as needed to facilitate a dynamic and high performance team and organization. Key to the area of accountability is the ability of the Utility Manager to ensure that the Operations and Planning Department personnel are in strict compliance with safe construction standards and standard operating procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Manages, develops, and implements the goals, objectives, policies, and priorities for the Operation and Planning Department that are aligned with the Company’s goals and objectives.

Responsible for ensuring that technical specifications and standards for the Company’s T&D and Generation systems are established in accordance with applicable regulations, laws, industry standards, and best practices.

Monitors, reviews, and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of T&D and Generation systems, their operations and maintenance (O&M) programs, and their procedures and develops and implements projects and programs to improve their safety, reliability and service delivery.

Provides oversight in the planning and execution of the Company’s Long Term Capital improvement projects and budgets.  Sets the project and program priorities for T&D and Generation systems balancing the need for specific projects, available budget, and other constraints to approve the execution of projects.  Establishes a 5-year capital improvement budget and updates it as changes develop and at least annually.  Approves the opening and closing of all capital improvement work orders and all funding project allocations and changes.

Responsible for ensuring each capital improvement project is appropriately planned, resourced, executed in the proper sequence of in accordance with the Company’s priorities, and managed within the assigned budget and time constraints.

Develops and executes the Operation and Planning Department’s O&M budget.

Plans, develops, and implements or causes to be implemented all T&D and Generation related O&M programs.  Reviews the results of O&M programs and makes corrections or changes as appropriate.

Manages and ensures all projects and programs designated by the CPUC to be included in the annual Risk Spending Accountability Report (RSAR) are executed per the authorized budgets within the approved variances.

Plans, develops, and directs all T&D and Generation system upgrades or modifications including temporary system alterations.

Coordinates closely with the Field Operations Supervisor to allocate work to BVES, Inc. crews per the Company’s business priorities and in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Ensures compliance with CPUC directives including regulations, decisions, codes and General Orders.  Familiar with General Orders 95, 128, 165, 166, and 174.  Ensures strict compliance with the Power Plant Operating Permit and SCAQMD requirements.  Ensures compliance with federal regulations regarding system security and reliability. 

Responsible for the development and execution of the BVES, Inc. Wildfire Mitigation Plan.

Responsible for ensuring BVES, Inc. is compliant with the requirements necessary to obtain and maintain its Safety Certification per CPUC requirements and the law.

Develops and provides testimony (written and oral) and provides all technical and costing inputs to General Rate Case proceedings regarding all aspects O&M programs; capital improvement projects; and safety and reliability programs.  Responds to all assigned data requests.

Ensures all current and proposed safety projects and programs are evaluated per the CPUC’s approved risk based decision making guidelines applicable to BVES, Inc.

Develops business cases using Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for proposed projects, programs, staff changes, and other process improvements.

Ensures that electric utility reliability indices are accurately captured and reported per Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards and CPUC directives.

Supports Regulatory Affairs on all compliance issues regarding T&D and Generation systems to include participating in application, rulemaking, and investigation CPUC proceedings, providing input to Advice Letters, responding to data requests and other CPUC inquiries, and supporting required reports to the CPUC.

Ensures proper Scope of Work (SOW) and technical specifications are accurately articulated for all T&D and Generation construction projects, technical consulting services, and procurement of equipment and material.  Sources capable contractors and vendors, drafts Requests for Proposal (RFPs), coordinates bid selection per the Company’s policies, and negotiates contract terms and conditions that are acceptable within the Company’s risk posture.

Manages / oversees contracted T&D and Generation construction and technical consulting contracts using project management processes.  Verifies or causes to be verified that contracted services are performed to the SOW and technical specification and that invoices are appropriate per the contract before being approved for payment.

Ensures planning data bases and software applications including Geographic Information System (GIS) and associated applications and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) are properly implemented and processes are in place to keep them accurately updated.

Develops the Company’s T&D and Generation technology insertion strategic plans and implements technology improvements moving these systems toward automation in a safe, reliable, and cost effective manner.

Responsible for developing and updating the Company’s Emergency Response Plan, Public Safety Power Shutoff Plan, and other T&D and Generation system related plans, procedures, and contingencies.

Acts as the Emergency Manager when the Company’s Emergency Response Plan is activated and manages all restorations activities using available resources (BVES, Inc. crews, mutual aid crews and contracted crews) to effect the most rapid, effective and efficient restoration of power to customers experiencing power outages.

Approves the Company’s safety, health, and environmental policies in accordance with laws, regulations, and other applicable codes.

Represents the Company by attending and participating in professional group meetings; maintains awareness of electric utility best practices and developments; and incorporates new developments as appropriate.

Provides responsive staff assistance to senior management; conducts a variety of organizational studies, investigations, and operational studies; recommends modifications to electric operations programs, policies, and procedures as appropriate.

Responds to and resolves difficult and sensitive public inquiries and complaints.

Selects, trains, motivates, and evaluates assigned personnel; provides or coordinates staff training; works with employees to correct deficiencies; implements discipline and termination procedures.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in an engineering field, a technical discipline, or a related field. Master’s degree preferred.  Bachelor’s degree in business or financial field accompanied by demonstrated experience in managing complex technical issues and programs will also be accepted.

Ten years of planning, construction, budgeting, or engineering experience including four years of administrative and supervisory experience. Utility experience preferred.

Work experience in an area with strong compliance regimes.  Experience interacting with utility regulators and knowledge of regulatory processes preferred.

Experience in competitive procurement processes to include issuing requests for proposals, bid selection, and contract negotiation.

Experience in presenting topics to specific audiences such as regulators, community organizations, and senior management.

Excellent written and verbal communications skills, project management knowledge, organizational ability and customer relation skills required.

Innovative and ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with team members is essential.


About this Employer‍

At Bear Valley Electric, we work hard to provide you, our customers, with superior customer service, and dependable power. We do it each and every day, safely and with confidence. We are there for you, day and night, through the summer and the winter. We are your neighbors, your family, and your friends. You can always count on us.

Bear Valley Electric Service has served the Big Bear Valley since 1929. When Golden State Water Company acquired the company in 1938, we served a total of 147 customers. Today, we provide electric power to approximately 23,000 customers in the community, including:

  • Big Bear Lake
  • Big Bear City
  • Fawnskin
  • Erwin Lake
  • Moonridge
  • Sugarloaf
  • Lake Williams
  • Baldwin Lake

We serve a resort community with a mix of full-time and part-time residents. These 20,000 residents represent more than 87 percent of our customers. We also serve approximately 2,500 commercial, industrial and public authority customers, including the Bear Mountain and Snow Summit ski resorts.

Our employees have more than 300 years of combined experience in the electricity business. In addition to providing excellence in customer service, they are responsible for engineering, system operation and maintenance, planning, meter reading, accounting, and purchasing quality.