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Utilities Director

City of Boulder City

Location: Boulder City, NV US
Position Type: Full Time
Rqd Education: Bachelor's Degree
Rqd Experience: Executive Management
Date Posted: August 26, 2021
Reference Code: UTDIR

The ideal candidate should be a problem solver, practical and a person who genuinely cares about Boulder City and its residents.  The individual must be savvy to the needs of large corporations who are doing solar development in Boulder City, and streamline the bureaucracy as they construct these large solar projects.  Although Boulder City is essentially a landlord for these solar sites, it considers itself a “partner” in the development of these solar facilities.   

Because Boulder City is very close to a large metropolitan area, the individual must understand the importance of working with other governments and regional boards and be extremely competent in that arena.   

The ideal candidate must be a strategic thinker and planner that can lead the utilities department and gain the trust of the community.  To accomplish this, the individual must be professional, but also friendly and involved in both government and local affairs.  He/she must be comfortable, accessible and responsive to the residents of the community.  An open door policy is not only appreciated—it is expected.  

Representative Duties of the Utilities Director include:  

· Plans, directs, and coordinates the activities of the Utility Department that includes the Electric Utilities Operations, Water Production, Water Reclamation, and the Landfill.

· Maintains liaison with appropriate County, State, and Federal agencies regarding the City's utilities.

· Establishes standards, plans, schedules, and procedures for expanding, operating, and maintaining the City's utility systems.

· Assesses the need for consultant services and recommends accordingly; represents the City's interests in overseeing and evaluating consultant recommendations.

· Appraises adequacy of facilities and develops plans and priorities for modification and extensions; evaluates soundness and efficiency of operations; supervises the installation of improvements; and develops work programs and budgetary estimates.

· Coordinates with Public Works on development of short and long range capital improvements.

· Recruits, selects and supervises upper management employees within the Department as well as presiding over and participating in personnel matters within the Department.

· Attends special meetings and prepares Departmental reports.

· Responds to questions and complaints from utility customers and the general public.

· Directs the overall engineering design program including adding new customers to the systems, adding new service areas, and establishing metering designs.

· Assures that the division supervisors develop effective work scheduling and control systems to plan and measure the results of work performed.

· Monitors public utilities maintenance, construction, and repair services to assure work is performed according to established schedules, meets customer’s needs, and is performed within budget.

· Assures that the department delivers services effectively and efficiently through setting of annual goals, objectives, and policy guidelines, and evaluating the performance of these divisions in light of these goals and objectives.  Assures that work produced meets acceptable standards of quality.

· Keeps the City Manager adequately informed of department service needs and problems and proposes changes to improve the quality and efficiency of service delivery.