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Substation Technician

Eugene Water & Electric Board

Location: Eugene, Oregon US
Position Type: Full Time
Rqd Education: High School or Equivalent
Rqd Experience: Internship/Co-op
Date Posted: June 17, 2022
Reference Code:

This position will remain open until filled.  The first review of applications will occur at the end of business on July 11th, 2022.

The Eugene Water & Electric Board is seeking a Journey Substation Wire Technician to assist with installing, operating, testing, repairing and maintaining high voltage electrical equipment in and around substations and generation stations. The technician will make regular visits to substations to perform inspections and monitor security. Ensure that equipment is operating properly, respond to alarms, look for potential problems, take readings, and perform switching.

As a member of the substation department, you would be part of a highly skilled team responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of EWEB's generation, transmission and distribution substations. You would work closely with systems and maintenance engineers to improve designs and resolve operational issues. The substation team plays a critical role in ensuring the reliable delivery of electric service to EWEB's customers and has the opportunity to influence future design of EWEB's transmission, generation and distribution substation facilities.

Examples of Duties:

  • Operate, troubleshoot, and perform maintenance (scheduled and emergent) on related equipment and electrical circuits within a substation.
  • Troubleshoot apparatus components utilizing schematics, connection diagrams and technical manuals to repair equipment safely and efficiently.
  • Inspect, disassemble, and replace worn parts in a complex operating mechanism with intricate internal workings. Be able to reassemble in the correct order and return mechanism back to an operating state.
  • Perform diagnostic testing for routine and or emergency restoration circumstances. Tests include, but are not limited to: Power Factor (12KV), TTR, DC Winding, Excitation, Leakage Reactance, Demagnetization, Megger (5KV), Micro-ohm, Time Travel analysis, Hi-Potential, Combustible gas analysis, SF6 Leak detection, Battery impedance testing, Broman Gauge testing, Camlin OP's checks and thermal imaging.
  • Perform transmission and distribution switching on substation related equipment for maintenance or power restoration under normal and emergency situations, under the direction of EWEB dispatch.
  • Utilize test equipment to analyze electrical equipment and systems to determine suitability for service. Accurately record data, repair, adjust or recalibrate equipment, or report condition or status as appropriate. Document work procedures as required.
  • Comprehend and interpret engineering produced construction projects and complete on time while generating correct as-built drawings.
  • Knowledge and ability to read and utilize load charts correctly for lifting equipment while utilizing proper rigging techniques.
  • Operate a variety of heavy equipment including, but not limited to: overhead cranes, forklifts, scissor lifts, snorkel lifts, bucket trucks and digger derricks.
  • Ability to learn and use substation specific equipment such as; oil processing equipment, SF6 gas handling equipment, mobile DC battery supply stations and vacuum processing equipment.
  • Operate a variety of tools which including, but not limited to: basic hand tools, power tools, wire pullers, pipe benders, pipe threaders, welders, plasma machine and cutting torches.
  • Participate in the crew tailboard discussion and assist the Crew Leader in planning each job or days work, so the crew can work safely and efficiently.
  •  Clean the control houses, remove trash, and keep substation grounds clean and orderly.
  • Prepare time tickets, place and monitor material orders, schedule pool equipment and job assignments. Coordinate with contractors and work directly with Relay Technicians or Systems Engineering as needed.
  • Assist in installing, repairing or replacing electrical equipment during unscheduled outages.

This position is subject to the terms, conditions, and benefits of EWEB's collective bargaining agreement with the IBEW Local 659.

The starting wage for this position is $55.4478

To receive consideration, all applicants must submit proof of successful completion of an EWEB approved Substation Wire Apprentice course.  Supporting documentation can be attached to your application.

EWEB values total worker health both at work and at home, and provides a robust compensation & benefits package – Read more about our benefits.    


EWEB offers employees a progressive work culture devoted to providing excellent public service. Our employees work in a fast-paced environment where creativity, innovation, involvement, teamwork, and professional development are supported and encouraged. EWEB is also committed to providing a work environment conducive to the safety, health, and well-being of its workforce, and offers great benefits, including but not limited to health care, vacation and sick leave, pension, holidays, and employee credit union. We are currently one of the top three healthiest employers in Oregon and consistently rank within the top 100 healthiest employers in the nation!

Founded in 1911, EWEB is Oregon's largest customer-owned utility. We provide water and electricity to the Eugene community, as well as parts of east Springfield and the McKenzie River valley area. 

As a public utility, we do not operate to earn a profit or to serve the investment needs of stockholders. Instead, EWEB is chartered by the City of Eugene to serve the interests of its citizens. We are owned by the people of Eugene and it's our job to provide reliable, affordable water and electricity for our customers. 

Our mission is to enhance our community's vitality by delivering drinking water and electric services consistent with the values of our customer-owners. And our vision is to do so while being a local utility that inspires our customers to invest in and rely on us.

Our core values:

  • SAFETY: We value the physical and psychological health and safety of our workforce and the public.
  • RELIABLITY: We value the continuous, on-demand delivery of quality drinking water and electricity.
  • RESPONSIBLITY: We value the prudent and sustainable stewardship of our customers' financial and natural resources, including our impact on affordability and role in reducing the greenhouse gases (GHGs) contributing to climate change.
  • COMMUNITY: We value our local governance and obligation to transparently serve our community.


Why Eugene?

It’s a city big enough to boast excellent restaurants, arts, and events, but small enough to still feel like a community. It’s also easy to get out of town, making it an ideal place for lovers of outdoor activities, with world-class opportunities for fishing, rafting, bicycling, hiking, and camping. The city is just an hour to the Cascades Mountains or to the Oregon Coast, but you don’t have to leave Eugene to find nature. The Willamette River runs through the middle of the city and there are parks and trails throughout Eugene. Home to the University of Oregon, Eugene is proud to have hosted the 2021 Olympic Track and Field Trials and the 2022 Track and Field World Championships. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here!

Minimum Training and Experience Required:

Minimum Experience: A minimum of three years in a EWEB approved Station Wire Technician Apprentice program. Electrical Utility experience preferred.

Education: Certificate of completion of a Station Wire Technician Apprentice course or training program that is approved by EWEB. Demonstration of continuing education preferred.

To receive consideration, all applicants must submit proof of successful completion of an EWEB approved Substation Wire Apprentice course.  Supporting documentation can be attached to your application.

Valid driver license: Class A CDL or ability to obtain with tank and air brakes endorsement within 12 months. Class A CDL driving permit must be obtained within six months.

Professional license or registration:  None

Post-offer background check required: Yes

Post-offer drug test required: Yes

Post-offer physical / functional test required: Yes

Apprenticeship or other education/training required as a condition of employment, progression or advancement: Must maintain proficiency in basic math and electric principles taught during apprenticeship, and continue to learn and stay current with new equipment, materials and procedures in the industry. Must obtain a First Aid/CPR card.

Please note:  This posting includes supplemental questions. Your responses will be scored and used to determine if you will proceed to the next step of the selection process. Please provide detailed answers to each question. Please do not reference your resume or application in your responses. Please do not reference your resume or application in your responses. Applications may be rejected if incomplete. 

Equal Employment Opportunity

EWEB takes pride in our commitment to diversity and inclusion among our employees. We embrace and value differences of culture, education, experience, physical ability and unique perspectives in our workplace. We invite applications from qualified candidates who share our commitment to diversity. Attracting, retaining, and advancing talent from all sources strengthens our bond with the multifaceted community we serve.

Tobacco, Smoke, and Vapor - Free Campus Policy

EWEB fosters an environment promoting good health for both employees and the public. We want to enhance the quality of air, appearance, and employee health in and around EWEB facilities and equipment. Employees, contractors, volunteers, and visitors may not use, distribute, or sell tobacco.