Energy Central PowerSession Series: Cybersecurity on the U.S. Power Grid: Software Supply Chain Risks and Mitigations for NERC CIP-010-3

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  • Jun 29, 2020

Energy Central PowerSession on Cybersecurity on the U.S. Power Grid: Software Supply Chain Risks and Mitigations for NERC CIP-010-3, presented by Energy Central's Community Expert Richard Brooks and sponsored by GMO GlobalSign. Viewr today!

Aug 12, 2020

2:00 PM EST

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Why View: 

The emergency cybersecurity Executive Order issued on May 1, 2020, by the President serves as a stark reminder that cyber threats are a real and ever-present danger, and everyone involved in the energy industry must be prepared to do their part to defend the grid from harm and bad actors. This point has been further confirmed with FERC’s recently issued white paper on proposed investments to enhance cybersecurity for the Bulk Electric System.

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Software is the ‘brain’ behind the power sector’s command and control systems, and professionals across the utility industry must ensure that software installed and granted access to the grid is safe. In this PowerSession, you will learn about risk assessment steps you can take to ensure that your command and control software objects are trustworthy enough to install and grant access to sensitive power equipment.

Objectives of this PowerSession:

  • Describe Software Supply Chain Risks and Threats
  • Describe specific Software Risks that have impacted Companies
  • Introduce Value at Risk in a software risk assessment
  • A detailed review of Risk Assessment best practices that follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to address NERC CIP-010-3 1.6 standards and mitigation options


Featured Speaker: 

Richard Brooks is one of the most visible and influential members of Energy Central's Network of Experts. Richard is Senior Consultant and Lead Software Engineer at Reliable Energy Analytics LLC, he's been a successful developer of energy industry cybersecurity standards at NAESB for 25 years, and he's been developing software products and solutions for the wider energy industry for over 25 years, including ISO's Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platforms and Enterprise Architecture, Methods for Verification of Software Object Authenticity and Integrity and the Software Assurance Guardian Point Man (SAG-PM) software. 

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