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Combining power factor improvement and voltage regulation to enhance electrical distribution system performance

image credit: Eaton

GRID MODERNIZATION CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS WEBINARS: Join Eaton's utility solutions experts for a free webinar series that discusses the challenges today’s utilities face and how Eaton's unique solutions can solve them. Register today!


Date: Nov 11, 2020

Time: 11:30 AM EST

Cost: Free to join

Today's utilities need smarter solutions to increase efficiency. This means upgrading the aging grid, incorporating alternative energy resources, automating utilization, addressing cyber threats and protecting personnel. Eaton's innovative products, intelligent power system designs and experienced engineers can help you tackle increasing demands on the power grid.

Join the utility solutions experts from Eaton for a free webinar series as we discuss the challenges today's utilities face and Eaton's unique solutions.

Session description: How do you reduce demand on electrical distribution system while providing excellent service to your customers? Do you want a solution that is easy to implement and allows for total system integration with your existing equipment? Join the Eaton experts for this free webinar as they discuss application of voltage regulators, capacitors, sensors and software to build an electrical distribution system that is state-of-the art, efficient and allows for future expansion.

Who should attend? Investor owned utilities (IOUs), cooperatives, municipal electric utilities, state utility trade associations, engineering consultants and renewable energy firms.