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Energy Central Insights ™ Special Issue Series
Unlocking Solutions. Powering An Industry:

Letter from the Community Leader: 

Unlocking the Potential of Broadband for Utilities Requires State-of-the-Art Solutions and Tools that will Power the Industry’s Future 

In this Special Issue, 'Unlocking Solutions. Powering An Industry - The Technology Ecosystem and its role in Building Private Utility LTE Networks', we’re featuring stories and perspectives on being part of a technology ecosystem and helping develop a community of utility support. 

As electric utilities advance their grid modernization efforts, they are planning new data communications networks to serve as the foundation for those initiatives—and that means considering the extent and value of the ecosystem of products and services that will support those networks.  Teaming up with Anterix for this Special Issue, we’ve featured stories, articles, and ideas about the ecosystem’s role in solving really big problems.  These articles from ecosystem participants are about the role the technology ecosystem plays in building the private wireless broadband communications platform utilities need to support the modern grid.  

Just as utilities have a celebrated history of mutual aid, so too can solutions providers support each other and, in the end, create a technology ecosystem that is greater than the sum of its parts, with impacts far beyond any individual solution’s.  

I hope you will take some time to read through some of the articles included in our 'Unlocking Solutions. Powering An Industry - The Technology Ecosystem and its role in Building Private Utility LTE Networks' Special Issue.  


Audra C Drazga
VP of The Power Industry Network 

New Posts
Benjamin Benton, Solution Architect, Burns & McDonnell
4G LTE Projects Come With Years of Valuable Lessons
The ongoing build-out of private wireless broadband telecommunications infrastructure for utilities is still in its relatively early stages.... Click to continue
Julian Jackson, writer and researcher, BrightGreen PR
Technology Ecosystems for Grid Communication: How Anterix and Partners are Collaborating on the Grid of Tomorrow
Investigating how companies are partnering with the Anterix LTE communications ecosystem to develop the grid of the future.... Click to continue
Tim Sill , VP Technology, Alpha Wireless
Shaping a New Technology Landscape for a Robust, Secure Grid
Private LTE networks represent a pivotal opportunity for utilities to shape a new technology landscape for smarter and more secure communications.... Click to continue
Kathy Nelson, Principal, West Monroe Partners
Grid Modernization Starts with Telecommunications
What do you think of when you hear grid modernization? Most likely you think of rooftop solar or community solar farms, wind turbines, battery storage, electric vehicles, and the like. What you... Click to continue
Ronald Indeck, CEO, Q-Net Security
HardSec Can Secure Private LTE Wireless Networks Today and Well into the Future
Securing critical national infrastructure need not be technically complicated nor expensive. New solutions now exist that are cost effective and simple to implement, regardless of the age of the... Click to continue
Broadband Smart Meters will Have a Powerful Impact on the New Clean Energy Economy
For approximately one century, the electricity grid has been changing very slowly. Meanwhile, it has provided us with energy and changed our lives.... Click to continue
Ryan Gerbrandt , Chief Operating Officer, Anterix
The Anterix Active Ecosystem – Incubating Innovations to Transform
As the Anterix Active Ecosystem continues to grow, it will enhance flexibility of choice for the utility industry.... Click to continue


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