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Energy Central Insights ™ Special Issue Series
Visioneering the Private Networked Grid of the Future

Letter from the Community Team:

Creating a smart connected grid of the future is imperative for utilities. To do that means to look beyond modernization and imagine a scenario that enables them to keep up with the demands of an increasingly sophisticated customer and new and increasingly complex technology, as well as the ubiquity of two-way energy flows and the integration of DER and microgrids. It likely will take a redefinition of how our traditional electric grids are configured, how they react to external forces, and how they interoperate and interact with grids managed by other stakeholders.

In an effort to guide this conversation, Energy Central has teamed up with Anterix to present this Hot Topic issue,  “Visioneering the Private Networked Grid of the Future: How Do You See Private LTE Networks Shaping the Future of Utilities?” In this special Anterix/Energy Central issue, you will learn how thought leaders and experts from across the industry “visioneer” the future of the electric grid.

If you have wondered how the electric grid of tomorrow will keep up with the rapid change and disruption facing the energy sector, you will want to read these articles.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section at the end of the article – we strive to start a conversation with each of our issues, and this is no exception. We rely on our community members to continue the discussion and see where it takes us.

We look forward to seeing you in the Community!

New Posts
Robert Schwartz, President & Chief Executive Officer, Anterix
Grid of the Future: Overcoming Today's Challenges, Setting Foundation for Tomorrow
America is on the cusp of realizing a grid & utility "of the future" with uninterrupted access to energy, a highly secure grid, interoperability & scalability. A key element of that grid... Click to continue
Richelle Elberg, Principal Research Analyst, Iot And Connectivity, Guidehouse Insights
The LTE Family of Networking Protocols Represents Utilities' Most Future-Proof Option
The day for power utilities to consider deploying a private LTE (PLTE) network is here. A perfect storm of market conditions and technical innovations make it more attractive—and viable—for utility... Click to continue
Rick Schmidt, Director of Infrastructure Modernization, Black & Veatch
Private LTE Could be a Gamechanger for AMI and Other Smart Utility Programs
Many utilities have communication infrastructure challenges, from aging AMI to the high cost of maintaining legacy last-mile systems. They also are dependent on those systems to enable existing and... Click to continue
Scott Schoepel , Vice President, Motorola Solutions
Private Broadband is the Foundation of the Utility of the Future
Today's utilities are facing increasingly complex operational and environmental challenges: monitoring widespread and diverse areas of operation, keeping pace with energy consumption, preparing for... Click to continue
Bobbi Harris, President and CEO, SMART WATER, SMART CITY
Smart Utility Communications for Smarter Communities
As telecommunications technology continue to evolve, timing has never been better for utilities to consider business strategies to transform legacy communication systems.... Click to continue
David Wagman, Journalist, Independent Journalist and Analyst
"Communications is a fundamental issue": NYPA's Gil Quiniones on Its LTE Network Deployment
NYPA is testing a Private LTE wireless network as part of its enterprise-wide effort to digitally transform every aspect of its business. It joins more than a dozen utility companies, with more on... Click to continue
Bruce Albright, 5G Solutions Manager, Burns & McDonnell
The Next Generation Electric Utility
Studies about the pandemic show that most U.S. households consider ultrafast broadband internet service a basic necessity — no different than electricity or water. But half in the U.S. lack... Click to continue
Mike Oldak, President, Oldak Consulting
Pathway for Optimization
Regulatory policies and rate designs have always followed technological advances. Today the data and control available in all aspects of the energy and water industries requires a movement in... Click to continue
Gavin Sallery, Chief Technology Officer, Kiwi Power
Cloud Computing for Utilities: The Economics of Software and Scaling up of Decarbonization
Growth in renewable energy needs a market that can change quickly. Across the globe, power suppliers, producers, and grid operators are learning that grid flexibility is essential and that massive... Click to continue
Darek Wieczorek, Senior Technical Consultant, Mission Critical Partners
The Case for Private Long-Term Evolution Networks
Digital transformation, automation, renewable energy sources and more, have underlined the need to be able to handle the vast volumes of data that will be created, transmitted and processed.... Click to continue
Andrew Bordine, VP- Energy Markets & Innovation, Anterix
Securing America's Energy Grid
Cyber threats pose real danger to our energy infrastructure, primarily because America's energy grid is necessary to our way of life. The grid's vulnerability stems from the increased use of... Click to continue


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