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Senior decision-makers come together to connect around strategies and business trends affecting utilities.

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Rafael — 324 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Richard — 90 posts

Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer, Reliable Energy Analytics LLC

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Karen — 50 posts

Freelance Energy and Technology Researcher and Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

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Llewellyn — 45 posts

Executive Producer, White House Media, LLC

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Russ — 45 posts

Owner, Utility Accounting Education Specialists -

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Richard — 37 posts

Principal, Alpine Communications

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Berkleigh joined 3 days ago

CCO, Oban Power

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Serge joined 5 days ago

Business Development, Qnovo

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Mark joined 1 week ago

Technology, SGMC

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Jennifer joined 1 week ago

Talent Acquisition Manager, Campos EPC

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Rizwan joined 1 week ago

Manager Operations, Star Engineering Company

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Tavise joined 1 week ago

CoFounder/Sustainability Champion, FREYJA Group

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Podcast / Audio - Energy Central -

Episode #82: 'Highlighting The Performance Incentive Mechanisms To Advance Utility Goals' With Karl Rábago [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast]

The utility landscape today is filled with more goals competing for attention and funding than at any time in history, and the regulatory processes that are compelling utilities to make progress towards those targets are constantly ramping up the..

Post - Energy Central -

Emrod: Realizing Nikola Tesla’s Dream of Wireless Power Transmission [Recognizing One of the 2022 Energy Central Innovation Champions: Greg Kushnir]

In 1899, at his laboratory in Long Island, famed inventor Nikola Tesla hooked up an oscillator coil in a wooden tower with a long metal pole and topped it off with a copper sphere. He then used the Tesla coil, as the contraption was known, to..

Post - Energy Central -

Energy Central Announces: The 2022 Innovation Champions

Earlier this year, we turned to our Energy Central Community Members to ask them for nominations of who the Innovation Leaders were in our industry. As usual, you all did not disappoint and we had the pleasure of reviewing so many inspiring..

Podcast / Audio - Energy Central -

Episode #81: ‘Utilities Embracing the R&D Role for the Future' with King Look, Director of R&D at Con Edison [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast]

Ask anyone across the utility sector and they'll likely agree: today is the most exciting it's ever been work in the power industry. Between rapid technological advancement, the newfound availability of investment funds for grid and program..

Post - Utility Management Group -

Case Study - Electric Utility Redesigns its Fixed Asset Process, Leading to Better Rate Design

Fixed assets that were accurate can become inaccurate and a problem area due to a lack of attention to changing business processes, workforce, and technology. Here is a case study of one electric and water utilities’ plan to improve this area.

Post - Energy Central -

Results of the Energy Central Poll: Topics You Want to Discuss!

Recently, the Energy Central Community Team conducted a poll where community members were invited to weigh on in two key areas:

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