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The EnergyBiz® Network brings together the insights and experience of business, management and operations professionals who run utilities. The Groups in this network are focused on all aspects of running a modern electric utility as well as strategic and industry-wide topics.

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Post - Utility Management Group -

Spain prepares to implement higher tax on electric utilities amid soaring profits.

It seems that in the energy sector, we are gearing up for a heightened battle between the private and public sectors across the globe as the war in Ukraine and energy demand harm consumers and pad the pockets of utilities. It will be a moment to..

Post - Customer Care Group -

Timing Important in Your Utility’s Public Relations

Timing is everything when it comes to news coverage. There are times to hide both unfavorable news and times to promote positive things. Learning when to do both will be helpful to your utility's PR efforts.

Post - Questline -

Tips for talking to customers about rising energy rates

“Now is really a critical moment for utilities to couple proactive communications on reducing consumption with tactful messages on rising costs,” explains Mary Malone, Director of Busines Development at Questline Digital.

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Visionary and innovator in the utility industry and grid modernization, Burns & McDonnell

24/365 Power - what would you pay?

If you could buy a 5 Mega-watt, 10 year power supply that was GHG free and provided a 5 MW baseload that could be throttled, What would you be willing to pay for the installed power supply? What would your concerns be? Interested to..


Considering Generational Values to Retain & Recruit Employees

In light of "The Great Resignation", utility company employers are grappling with the question, “How do I keep and attract employees?” At the very highest level, the answer lies in aligning company cultures and roles with the personal values of..

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