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The EnergyBiz® Network brings together the insights and experience of business, management and operations professionals who run utilities. The Groups in this network are focused on all aspects of running a modern electric utility as well as strategic and industry-wide topics.

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Post - HR & Recruitment Group -
Con Edison has been ranked the top energy company in the eastern United States when it comes to commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion.
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AVP, Marketing & Content Strategy
Questline Inc.

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AVP, Marketing & Content Strategy, Questline Inc.

What are the current hurdles to EV adoption? Are customers' concerns evolving?

We're all familiar with the "classic" hurdles to residential EV adoption: range anxiety, public charging infrastructure, higher upfront purchase price. As the electric vehicle market matures, and with EVs in the headlines more than ever this..
Post - Utility Management Group -
    Utilities need incisive, fast, data-driven methods for dealing with natural disasters like wildfires – both before and after disaster strikes.
Post - HR & Recruitment Group -
The pandemic’s ripple effects continue to be felt. As utilities brace themselves for the New Normal, they need to carefully evaluate workplace decisions. Employees have become comfortable with remote work options, and forcing them back into the..
Post - Energy Central -
Your fellow group members are paying close attention to utility management trends and sharing their insights. This month’s roundup includes information about climate-resilient energy delivery, incentives for rooftop solar, and more.

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