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The EnergyBiz® Network brings together the insights and experience of business, management and operations professionals who run utilities. The Groups in this network are focused on all aspects of running a modern electric utility as well as strategic and industry-wide topics.

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The Late, Great Energy Pioneer, Richard ‘Dick’ McCormack

Richard A. “Dick” McCormack, a commanding figure in the energy industry for five decades, died last month aged 90. When I first met Dick, I felt, “That is an executive; that is a leader.” It was a feeling I had no occasion to change after..

Exceptional Leaders Have Clarity: How to SORT Your Thoughts

Exceptional leaders are unique. They demonstrate a willingness to gain real clarity about what is going on inside and outside their organization. They take the time to SORT their thoughts to gain the clarity they need for success.

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University of New Hampshire

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Student, University of New Hampshire

How will battery storage impact the energy industry and production over the course of the upcoming years

I am doing a project on disruptive innovation and chose to do it on how battery storage will impact the energy industry and production in the upcoming years. I was hoping to get more of an expert's opinion on this question to help me with my..


Call for Articles - Power Industry 2022 Trends & Predictions - [Energy Central Special Issue Series]

Post - Energy Central -

What a year 2021 has been in the power industry-- but as Energy Central Community members know, there's really no time for looking backwards, as the utility sector is sure to continue its unprecedented rate of evolution in 2022 and beyond...

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