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The Transmission Professionals special interest group covers the distribution of power from generation to final destination. 


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Paul Dumais's picture

Paul — 66 posts

CEO, Dumais Consulting

Dave Bryant's picture

Dave — 37 posts

Director Technology, CTC Global

Matt Chester's picture

Matt — 35 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

Sergio Feitoza Costa's picture

Sergio Feitoza — 15 posts

Director - Eng, M.Sc, Cognitor Consultancy, R&D, Training

Soroudi Soroudi's picture

Soroudi — 5 posts

Energy Optimization Consultant, University College dublin

Rao Konidena's picture

Rao — 4 posts

Independent Consultant, Rakon Energy LLC

Newest Members of Group

Ben Ettlinger's picture

Ben joined 6 days ago

Analyst - Emerging Technologies, New York Power Authority

Becky Mikos's picture

Becky joined 1 week ago

Marketing Manager, Utility Business Media, Inc.

Richard Brooks's picture

Richard joined 1 week ago

Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer, Reliable Energy Analytics LLC

paolo frugone's picture

paolo joined 1 week ago

consultant, self employed

Jeff Valmus's picture

Jeff joined 1 week ago

VP Sales and Business Development, HAWCS

Carl Perez's picture

Carl joined 1 week ago

CEO, Elysium Industries

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Transmission Accomplished: Monthly Digest of the Top Content Submitted to the Transmission Professionals Group in Energy Central- October 9, 2020

The transmission aspect of the utility industry is, it goes without saying, indispensable. But in popular mainstream media, it’s typically the generation side that will dominate headlines—discussions on new power plants, trends of where energy..
Matt Chester's picture
Energy Analyst
Chester Energy and Policy

Member since 2018

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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