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The Transmission Professionals special interest group covers the distribution of power from generation to final destination. 


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Paul Dumais's picture

Paul — 55 posts

CEO, Dumais Consulting

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Dave — 33 posts

Director Technology, CTC Global

Matt Chester's picture

Matt — 30 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

Sergio Feitoza Costa's picture

Sergio Feitoza — 14 posts

Director - Eng, M.Sc, Cognitor Consultancy, R&D, Training

Soroudi Soroudi's picture

Soroudi — 5 posts

Energy Optimization Consultant, University College dublin

Lisa Kiava's picture

Lisa — 4 posts

Media Relations, Xcel Energy

Newest Members of Group

Hugh Wynne's picture

Hugh joined 5 days ago

Co-Head of Utilities, Renewable Energy and Power Equipment Research, SSR LLC

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Janesha joined 6 days ago

Rate Analyst, ElectriCities of North Carolina

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Ravi joined 1 week ago

Practice Partner Emerging Tech ETECH, Wipro

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Noel joined 1 week ago

Managing Director, InvestinGreen.Energy

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raymond joined 1 week ago

Project Manager Power division, AECOM

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Frank joined 1 week ago

None, None

Transmission Professionals Group Member Posts

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PJM Immediate Need Exception to Competitive Transmission Process

FERC recently investigated the immediate need reliability exceptions to competitive processes in the OATT of ISO-NE, SPP and PJM.  FERC found that ISO-NE and SPP are compliant with their OATTs and that there is no reason to change the immediate..
Paul Dumais's picture
Dumais Consulting

Member since 2018

CEO, Dumais Consulting

House Dems' plan to fight climate change proposes big changes to transmission grid

The plan to fight climate change recently released by House Democrats calls for some big changes to the nation's transmission grid and the rules governing it.
Peter Key's picture
Freelance Writer, Editor, Consultant
Lansdowne, Pa.

Member since 2015

Freelance Writer, Editor, Consultant, Lansdowne, Pa.

New Macro Grid Initiative takes aim at America's renewable generation and delivery problem

A new Macro Grid Initiative from the American Council on Renewable Energy zeroes in on addressing the harm the country's aging electricity distribution system can do on our renewable energy aspirations.
Christopher Neely's picture
Electric Industry

Member since 2017

Independent, Electric Industry

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