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The Transmission Professionals special interest group covers the distribution of power from generation to final destination. 


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Paul — 70 posts

CEO, Dumais Consulting

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Dave — 40 posts

Director Technology, CTC Global

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Matt — 35 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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Sergio Feitoza — 15 posts

Director - Eng, M.Sc, Cognitor Consultancy, R&D, Training

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Rao — 12 posts

Independent Consultant, Rakon Energy LLC

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Soroudi — 5 posts

Energy Optimization Consultant, University College dublin

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Sales Representative, Powetech-UPSC Associates

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Senior Researcher, University of Delaware

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The U.S. Lags Behind in Transmission Projects

Here’s a disturbing fact I learned this morning: Since 2014, China has built 260 gigawatts of transmission capacity that has come on line or will in the next few years. In that same time frame, the United States has added just 3 gigawatts. 
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Small Business Owner

Member since 2018

Small Business Owner, Self-employed

MISO says Transmission Owners are responsible for Generator Interconnection Queue delays

Interconnection customers need to know the root cause of delays in the interconnection queue. With the increase in renewable energy and distributed energy resources, the industry must first take care of existing delay causes before asking for new..
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Independent Consultant
Rakon Energy LLC

Member since 2014

Independent Consultant, Rakon Energy LLC

FERC Initiates Rulemaking on Managing Transmission Line Ratings

FERC initiated a rulemaking on dynamic transmission line ratings, Managing Transmission Line Ratings, Docket No. RM20-16-000. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposes to reform the pro forma Open Access Transmission Tariff and the Commission’s..
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Dumais Consulting

Member since 2018

CEO, Dumais Consulting

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