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This special interest group supports professionals who are involved in the critical mission of restoring service, business continuity and effective emergency preparedness in gas and electric utilities. 


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Ann — 14 posts

CEO, Consultant, Coach, HC-EMI

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Karen — 14 posts

Freelance Business Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

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Audra — 4 posts

Vice President of The Power Industry Network, Energy Central

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Jean — 1 post

Field Editor,

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Dennis — post

Content marketing manager, A1 SOLAR STORE

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Jeff — 1 post

Senior Project Engineer, POWER Engineers

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Reginald joined 2 days ago

BSIII, State of Florida

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Alexandra joined 3 days ago

Senior Product Owner and Product Manager, Enbala Power Networks

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Vijay joined 3 days ago

CEO, ACW Analytics

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Peter joined 3 days ago

CTO, ACW Analytics

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Julian joined 6 days ago

Commercial Director, LJ Hydro

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Chris joined 1 week ago

General Manager, EVisi Group

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Post - ARCOS LLC -

Outrun the Storm: Speeding up your Resource Acquisition, Planning, and Sharing

As you continue to get used to the “new normal”, an unexpected event may come along and turn your daily work on its head. Unfortunately, natural disasters and other major storms do not care about COVID-19, but we do. 
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Industry Marketing Manager

Member since 2020

Industry Marketing Manager, ARCOS LLC

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