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This group is the default community for every Energy Central registered member. We discuss and share a variety of topics related to the global power industry. 

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Rafael — 585 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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John — 73 posts

Senior Consultant, Microgrid Labs

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Richard — 68 posts

Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer, Reliable Energy Analytics LLC

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Matt — 62 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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Marcial — 55 posts

President, Winning Edge Lending Corp.

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Erfan — 53 posts

CEO, The Bit Bazaar

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Kristin joined 2 days ago

Head of Corporate Communications, First Derivatives

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David joined 2 days ago

Generakl Manager & CTO, United Electric Controls, United Electric Controls

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Felicity joined 2 days ago

Manager, BP

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Bhuvnesh joined 2 days ago

Senior Manager - Renewables, BSES

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Shabaz joined 2 days ago

Manager, Emergen Research

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Paul joined 2 days ago

Founder, Climate Justice for Africa

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Cybersecurity is at the top of mind of all organizations as threats continue to escalate from nefarious players across the globe. Utilities have a huge burden to bear when it comes to securing the grid and vast amounts of infrastructure in place.
Describing the Wastewater Heartbeat Management System (WHMS) that can help waste-water companies digitally reimagine their enterprises by putting data at the center of their growth and transformation journey

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