This group brings together those who are interested in topics around oil and gas exploration, drilling, refining, and processing.

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Charley — 414 posts

World Hydrogen Leader, Charley Rattan Associates

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Enno — 232 posts

CEO, ShaleProfile

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Matt — 54 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

Tariq Siddiqui's picture

Tariq — 52 posts

COO, Upstream EP Advisors LLC

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Rafael — 33 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Brian — 31 posts

Independent Writer, nextbigfuture

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Thomas joined 3 days ago

Principal Consultant, Locana

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Dogukan joined 5 days ago

Project Management Director, IPEC

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Herbert joined 1 week ago

Structured Finance & Advisory, ICBC (Asia) Ltd

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Mitch joined 1 week ago

Manager, Diamond Generating Corporation

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Ousman joined 1 week ago

Student, Texas tech University

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Naren joined 1 week ago

Analyst, HB Consulting AMD

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Oil and Natural Gas Production Drives Record Revenue for New Mexico in 2022

The oil and natural gas industry continues to propel New Mexico’s strong economy, driving record revenue for fiscal year 2023. The New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) recently released its budget recommendations for fiscal year 2024,...

Post - Oil & Gas Group -

Brussels launches public consultation on decoupling gas prices from electricity tariffs

Background information Natural gas is the new “Russian winter” as a war element… by Germán & Co Norway does not consider an auxiliary international economic aid to lower the price of natural gas, as stated by the first Norwegian,..

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