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This special interest group covers mobile technologies and approaches that are helping utilities do business today. 


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Karen — 17 posts

Freelance Business Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

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Alan — 12 posts

CEO & Founder, Dusk Mobile

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Zac — 11 posts

CEO, DataCapable

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Abbie — 6 posts

Senior Conference Manager, Informa | Power | Utility Analytics Institute

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Gary — 3 posts

Chief Revenue Officer, B2M Solutions

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Brad — 3 posts

Team Leader, Alabama Power

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Richelle joined 3 days ago

Principal Research Analyst, Iot And Connectivity, Guidehouse Insights

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Eric joined 3 days ago

Research Director, Guidehouse Insights

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Danny joined 3 days ago

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, XTec


RAJEEV joined 3 days ago


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Jason joined 3 days ago

Head of Sales, ServicePlus

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Wilson joined 4 days ago

Developer, 4yourblog

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Post - Energy Central -
The utility workforce and operations have long been trending in the more mobile direction, implementing innovations like AR/VR, remote data collection, sensors, smart grid technologies, and so much more. As steady as the rate of mobile workforce..

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