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We have entered an industry shift to information-enabled energy. The Intelligent Utility® Network is the place for utility professionals to discuss the cutting edge of digital, mobile, and analytical advancements.The smart grid, smart meters and increasing quantities of intelligent devices have put an unprecedented amount of data into the laps of utilities. The communites in the...

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Post - Digital Utility Group -
Products and services that use artificial intelligence have the potential to change the electric power industry, but even though they are being rolled out, they also still are being developed.
Post - Energy Central -
Your fellow network members are paying attention to digital utility and mobile workforce trends and sharing their insights. This month's roundup includes information about clean energy through digitalization, edge computing, and more.
Post - UDC -
Vegetation management at electric utilities is a critical component in reducing power outages, mitigating wildfire risks and saving lives. In recent years, with changing climates and increased reliance of our society on the electric grid, the IT..

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