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We have entered an industry shift to information-enabled energy. The Intelligent Utility® Network is the place for utility professionals to discuss the cutting edge of digital, mobile, and analytical advancements.The smart grid, smart meters and increasing quantities of intelligent devices have put an unprecedented amount of data into the laps of utilities. The communites in the...

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Let’s not replicate NERC CIP’s problems for pipelines.

Post - Digital Utility Group -

I like the idea of following the NERC and NERC CIP models for pipeline cyber regulation. I don't like the idea of replicating the problems with NERC CIP.

Tom Alrich's picture
Supply chain Cybersecurity Risk Management and NERC CIP-013 consulting
Tom Alrich LLC

Member since 2018

Supply chain Cybersecurity Risk Management and NERC CIP-013 consulting, Tom Alrich LLC

Digital Digest: Monthly Digest of Insights Shared by Your Peers in the Energy Central Intelligent Utility Network – January 21, 2022

Post - Energy Central -

Your fellow network members are sharing their insights on digital utility and mobile workforce trends. This month's roundup includes information about the difference between VPP and DERMS, predictive analytics intelligence, and more.

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Freelance Energy and Technology Researcher and Writer
Final Draft Communications, LLC

Member since 2017

Freelance Energy and Technology Researcher and Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

SBOM Vulnerability Attestations – A CARFAX for SBOM’s

Post - Digital Utility Group -

An SBOM VDR is similar to a CARFAX report in that it provides a consumer with an attestation of known issues and their status, i.e. a CVE is not exploitable, before installation, for each component listed in an SBOM. A sample SBOM VDR is..

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