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We have entered an industry shift to information-enabled energy. The Intelligent Utility® Network is the place for utility professionals to discuss the cutting edge of digital, mobile, and analytical advancements.The smart grid, smart meters and increasing quantities of intelligent devices have put an unprecedented amount of data into the laps of utilities. The communites in the...

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The first of my Big Two reasons for Texas' problems last week.
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Utility companies have a long list of demands, and one of the most important ones revolves around protecting their system infrastructure. As they extend the grid to more end points, they open it to more possible intruders. Executives recognized..

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Studies from Northeast Electric Power University Describe New Findings in Industrial Informatics (Stochastic Optimal Energy Management and Pricing for Load Serving Entity With Aggregated Tcls of Smart Buildings: a Stackelberg Game Approach)

2021 FEB 25 (NewsRx) -- By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Information Technology Daily -- Data detailed on Information Technology - Industrial Informatics have been presented. According to news reporting originating...

The Power of Connectivity

At a very basic level, this connectivity needn’t necessarily enable the most high-tech or advanced technologies to have an impact, notes Mark Walker, Associate Vice-President for sub-Saharan Africa at the IDC (Industrial...