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The mission of this group is to bring together utility professionals in the power industry who are in the thick of the digital utility transformation. 

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Tom — 119 posts

Supply chain Cybersecurity Risk Management and NERC CIP-013 consulting, Tom Alrich LLC

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Richard — 113 posts

Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer, Reliable Energy Analytics LLC

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Wayne — 57 posts

I help CIOs build IT Leadership Teams capable of delivering the Digital Energy Transformation, The Chapel Group

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Karen — 41 posts

Freelance Researcher and Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

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Peter — 38 posts

Founder and CEO, Inflection Point Agency

Matt Chester's picture

Matt — 31 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

Newest Members of Group

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Kaylyn joined 2 days ago

Manager, Business Intelligence, PFES

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Mark joined 3 days ago

Snr Support Analyst, SpryPoint

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Stephen joined 5 days ago

Sr. Advisor, Climate & Sustainability Risk, Southern California Edison

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Mateo joined 5 days ago

Network Administrator, Digital Path

Vu-Thuy Nguyen's picture

Vu-Thuy joined 5 days ago

Developer, EVNHCMC

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Samuel joined 6 days ago

Head, Business Strategy, Planning, and Economics, Belemaoil Producing Limited

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Review of Top GIS & Digital Twin Insights from This Quarter

Post - Digital Utility Group -

In the past few months, I've been sharing some of the most important trends I'm seeing in the utility space related to GIS, Digital Twin, and related digital technologies for the power industry. This sector is fast-moving and it can be hard to..

Tim Roxey tells us what the real problem is. Now we have to interpret what he says.

Post - Digital Utility Group -

Tim Roxey tells us what the real problem is.

Tom Alrich's picture
Supply chain Cybersecurity Risk Management and NERC CIP-013 consulting
Tom Alrich LLC

Member since 2018

Supply chain Cybersecurity Risk Management and NERC CIP-013 consulting, Tom Alrich LLC

80 Data Breaches of Utility Confidential Data on Suppliers/Vendors Computers Impacting the Electric Industry

Post - Digital Utility Group -

A one-egg one-basket centralized repository of confidential information would be a prime target of hackers. This NATF project proposal would not improve cybersecurity of the electric grid; it would make it more vulnerable to data breaches.

Utilities Restore Power Faster With Advanced Technology

Post - Digital Utility Group -

As utilities look for new ways to restore power faster following storms, fires, and other events, some are taking advantage of advanced technologies to help field crews identify areas to be repaired, and find ways to access equipment.

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