The mission of this group is to bring together utility professionals in the power industry who are in the thick of the digital utility transformation. 

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Tom — 219 posts

Supply chain Cyber Risk management - emphasis on SBOMs and VEX documents, Tom Alrich LLC

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Richard — 192 posts

Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer, Reliable Energy Analytics LLC

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Wayne — 57 posts

I help CIOs build IT Leadership Teams capable of delivering the Digital Energy Transformation, The Chapel Group

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Julian — 56 posts

writer and researcher, BrightGreen PR

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Joseph — 48 posts

Managing Partner, Applied Control Solutions

Karen Marcus's picture

Karen — 45 posts

Freelance Energy and Technology Researcher and Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

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Richelle joined 1 day ago

Principal Research Analyst, Guidehouse Insights

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Hugo joined 2 days ago

Global Sales Leader - Energy Portfolio Management, Hitachi Energy

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Carl joined 2 days ago

Managing Director, Confex Partners Ltd.

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Thomas joined 2 days ago

Co-Founder & CEO, Yonder

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Dronacharya joined 2 days ago

Manager - Digital Content and Analytics, BIS Research

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Ajmal joined 6 days ago

Senior Smart Grid Engineer, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

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Post - UDC -

Quality Improvement Assessments: Improving Quality, Reliability, and Efficiency of Utility Operational Systems

Utility organizations face increasing pressures from regulators, safety organizations, and their customers to maintain modern systems that provide real-time information updates and increasing levels of reliability.

Post - Wipro -

IoT-Based Digital Water Metering – Utilities Journey towards Smart and Sustainable Future

South East Water is a metropolitan water utility that delivers water, sewerage and recycled water services to more than 1.8 million people in southeast Melbourne.

Post - Digital Utility Group -

The Extinction of The IoT and Further Use of Cloud Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) stands for the “things” used in the creation of internet communication standards, apps, and further network devices involved in connection object platforms. With the advent of the internet and then wireless..

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