The mission of this group is to bring together utility professionals in the power industry who are in the thick of the digital utility transformation. 

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Tom — 207 posts

Supply chain Cyber Risk management - emphasis on SBOMs and VEX documents, Tom Alrich LLC

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Richard — 189 posts

Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer, Reliable Energy Analytics LLC

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Wayne — 57 posts

I help CIOs build IT Leadership Teams capable of delivering the Digital Energy Transformation, The Chapel Group

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Julian — 52 posts

writer and researcher, BrightGreen PR

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Karen — 45 posts

Freelance Energy and Technology Researcher and Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

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Joseph — 44 posts

Managing Partner, Applied Control Solutions

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Harish joined 2 days ago

Business Architecht, PG&E

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Ricky joined 2 days ago

Head of Data & Analytics, Lightsource BP

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Christina joined 2 days ago

VP, Global Industrial Enterprise, Forescout

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John joined 2 days ago

Global Director of Energy, Chetu Inc.

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Michael joined 2 days ago

Account Executive, Microsoft

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Erin joined 5 days ago

Director Innovation Solutions, Uplight

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9 ½ years!

It seems at least some suppliers are leaving old vulnerabilities in their software products for far too long.

Post - Esri -

Best Practices for a World That No Longer Exists

As an industry, utilities have been working with paper and spreadsheets for a long time. We’re accustomed to it – it works. So why mess with it, right?

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Passionate people person | Believer in sustainability solutions | Smart energy and solutions
Simplify technology complexity = Business equations for growth

Member since 2020

 asked a question in Digital Utility Group
Passionate people person | Believer in sustainability solutions | Smart energy and solutions, Simplify technology complexity = Business equations for growth

Most recently I have discussed digital twin for buildings and airports. I was forced to starched to even city level digital twin:-) Is our grid system prepared to adapt digital twin as a enabling...

I always argue that some form of "digital" exists as a norm. The digital twin is the end result of all of those systems of use powered by digital information modeling, AI and ML gelled together what we know as a "platform". Now this is an ideal..


Performance Based Regulation

Connected and efficient home appliances coupled with an increase in renewable megawatts in the grid are ushering in a new era of Beneficial Electrification (BEL). All vertically integrated utilities entities have traditionally used a cost-based..

Post - Digital Utility Group -

What are NERC CIP Supply Chain Standards? An Overview of New Compliance Regulations

On October 1, 2022, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) “Supply Chain Standards” will go into effect.

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Dewa invests in AI & machine learning to boost efficiency

Image courtesy: WAM Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) said that R&D Centre employs Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) to promote Dewa's efforts to enrich the experience...

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Tunisia: Siemens Advanta associated with smart grid transformation

The government of Tunisia has hired a consortium of external partners to support a major renewable energy transformation. Siemens is one of the program’s main partners, with subsidiary Siemens Advanta in the lead for the...

News -

DEWA’s R&D Centre invests in AI & machine learning to improve efficiency, reduce costs

DUBAI, 8th August, 2022 (WAM) -- Dubai Electricity and Water Authority's (DEWA) R&D Centre employs Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) to promote DEWA’s efforts to enrich the...