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This special interest group is a collective of human resources and talent folks in the power industry networking, sharing and learning from each another. 


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Audra Drazga's picture

Audra — 55 posts

Vice President of The Power Industry Network, Energy Central

Dana Borowka's picture

Dana — 36 posts

CEO/Founder, Lighthouse Consulting Services, LLC

Kathleen Quinn Votaw's picture

Kathleen — 15 posts

CEO, TalenTrust

Mike Ahern's picture

Mike — 12 posts

Director, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Kate Zabriskie's picture

Kate — 10 posts

President, Business Training Works, Inc.

John Egan's picture

John — 8 posts

President, Egan Energy Communications

Newest Members of Group

Julian Chin's picture

Julian joined 6 days ago

Commercial Director, LJ Hydro

Rob Cooke's picture

Rob joined 1 week ago

Premier Banker II, Wells Fargo Bank, NA

Chelsea McNealy's picture

Chelsea joined 1 week ago

HR Technician, NCPA

Angel Soto's picture

Angel joined 1 week ago

Project Manager, Silla Versatile Telecom Services

Othniel Obasi's picture

Othniel joined 1 week ago

Manager, Business Process Development & Improvement, Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company

Lisa Oliver's picture

Lisa joined 1 week ago

Employee Development Director, Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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Post - HR & Recruitment Group -

Utilities can diversify the energy efficiency workforce. Here’s how.

The energy efficiency sector is the largest employer in the clean energy economy. It offers competitive pay, but not everyone is benefiting from this economic powerhouse: Hispanic people, Black people, and women represent a smaller share of..
ACEEE Blog's picture
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Member since 2018

, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Podcast / Audio - HR & Recruitment Group -
The Evolution of the HR Function: COVID-19 Challenges and Opportunities. Exploring best practices through the evolution of the HR function during the COVID-19 pandemic, also reveals challenges. The use of technology, communications transparency..
Post - HR & Recruitment Group -

Will this be your defining moment?

Finish the race, don't quit, don't give up, don't give in. Most of us have heard these or similar sayings as we were faced with challenges and obstacles as youth and in our adult lives. All of us have defining moments where we dug deep, rose to..
Kevin Anderson's picture
Executive Vice President
WFG Industrial

Member since 2020

Executive Vice President, WFG Industrial

Post - HR & Recruitment Group -

Pacing the way for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Energy Industry

Quote: "I  think there's much more work that we need to do so we can get more African Americans into the Energy Industry. Black workers hold 5-9 percent of the jobs in energy-related sectors and account for 12 percent of the national workforce."
DAVID FORD's picture
Senior Government Relations Manager at Southern California Edison

Member since 2000

Senior Government Relations Manager at Southern California Edison, EDISON

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