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The Grid Network on Energy Central's Power Industry Network is the place grid and transmission professionals come to share ideas and connect. This network includes the Grid & Transmission groups.

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Top Ten Resolutions for Utility Executives in 2022: Addressing Major Issues Impacting Utilities for the Coming Year and Decade Ahead

Post - Grid Professionals Group -

Top ten considerations for the utility executive and industry at large as we enter into 2022. Compared to the previous year there are a number of new circumstances that the utility industry will need to address in the upcoming year.

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Business Development Executive - East Coast Energy and Utilities Group
West Monroe Partners

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Business Development Executive - East Coast Energy and Utilities Group, West Monroe Partners
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Teagan Energy

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asked a question in Transmission Professionals Group
Advisor, Teagan Energy

In a few years, more national grid networks will take up renewables for electrification - are current transmission networks ready for the increase in generated capacity across the supply chain?

Increasing the grid network capacity through renewable energy sources is a great attempt at decarbonizing while increasing clean energy production. Several national plans even, amongst African countries have plans to include renewable sources..


Moving electricity is getting more expensive

It’s never been cheaper to produce electricity in the United States. And yet, much to the chagrin of us all, utility bills keep going up. That’s because while generating power is getting less expensive, the cost of transporting that power to..

Leveraging Data Analytics to Optimize Utilities Vegetation Management

Post - Grid Professionals Group -

Vegetation is a major cause of overhead lines asset failure and could cause large wildfires like the one in California in 2018. Vegetation management is the most-costly expense for many North American utilities. According to the Electric Power..

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