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Control and Stability of Microgrid in Steady and Transient States

Microgrid  can change over from grid mode to islanding with very little perturbations as per Microgrid definition of DOE, CERTS and IEE 1547 standards. In this paper SRF-PLL methodology of islanding detection is adopted which is proved to be..
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Member since 2016


Integrating Inverter Based Resources in the Bulk Power Grid

The North American Bulk Power System (BPS) is undergoing a rapid change with increased penetration of Inverter Based Resources that creates exciting opportunities and challenges for the industry as a whole!
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Transmission Planning Engineer
The AES Corporation - DP&L

Member since 2020

Transmission Planning Engineer, The AES Corporation - DP&L

Publication - CPower -
With the number of both site level and grid level use cases for energy storage (ES) and the associated potential value streams increasing – while at the same time costs for ES systems continue to drop, we can start to understand the basis for..

AEP wins award for efforts to make transmission corridors pollinator-friendly

American Electric Power recently won an award for its work studying replacing traditional grasses with native vegetation when it does transmission line upgrades to establish and maintain prairie habitat in the lines’ corridors.
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Freelance Writer, Editor, Consultant
Lansdowne, Pa.

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Freelance Writer, Editor, Consultant, Lansdowne, Pa.

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