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What Does a Smart Grid Look Like in 2022?

Smart technology has taken hold and is becoming more integrated into the grid. These systems enable energy providers to improve the grid in important ways. The modern power grid is based on a number of discrete technologies working together.

FERC Docket Nos. ER20-1851, ER21-936, ER21-1633 and ER20-714

On July 15, 2022, in Docket Nos. ER20-1851, ER21-936, ER21-1633 and ER20-714 (consolidated), FERC determined that the four solar generating plants physically located on the distribution system of the interconnecting transmission owners are not..

Post - Grid Professionals Group -

Hope for no Hurricanes!

This will be one of the toughest storm restoration seasons in history if we get serious hurricanes. When you look at supply depots at many utilities the spare areas are not at the levels you normally see at this time of year. If a..

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Improving Safety and Reliability: PG&E Developing Several New Remote Grid Systems to Replace Overhead Powerlines and Promote More Wireless Power in High Fire Threat Areas

Power Systems in 2022 and deploying a standardized monitoring and control platform that will help it scale the program to more than 30 systems by 2026. A Standalone Power System (or remote grid) is expected to provide the...