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The Grid Network on Energy Central's Power Industry Network is the place grid and transmission professionals come to share ideas and connect. This network includes the Grid & Transmission groups.

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Initially developed to increase the capacity, reliability and resilience of existing transmission corridors and mitigate sag violations (by reconductoring), the ACCC® Conductor has become the conductor of choice for new transmission projects.
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Washington State lawmakers just passed legislation that, if it becomes law, would require all new passenger and light-duty vehicles sold in 2030 and after to be electric. The goal is ambitious, besting California’s similar target by a full..
You could argue that in the world of modernizing the utility industry that transmission has taken somewhat of a backseat (at least in terms of headlines and mainstream attention) compared with generation. People have wanted to hear about shiny..
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The Power Grid has taken center stage in policy, in technology, in market solutions, and more. So, now it's time to highlight the Grid Modernization in 2021 for Energy Central's next Special Issue!

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