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The Grid Network on Energy Central's Power Industry Network is the place grid and transmission professionals come to share ideas and connect. This network includes the Grid & Transmission groups.

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Carlos Sousa's picture

Member since 2019

asked a question in Grid Professionals Group
Specialist, CEMIG

Has your company ever used exoskeletons?

Hi guys, I hope you all are well...I recently saw this video from the French distribution company Enedis: is an R&D project to develop an exoskeleton to assist in electrical system..
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Prescient Transmission Systems

Member since 2021

asked a question in Transmission Professionals Group
President, Prescient Transmission Systems

What confidence do you have in NERC’s 2021 Summer Reliability Assessment?

ERCOT’s Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy indicated that there would be sufficient installed generating capacity available to serve system-wide forecasted peak demand during the winter season, December 2020 ‒ February 2021.  ERCOT’s..
The Geospatial Commission, an agency of the UK government tasked with extracting more value from government geospatial data, has just released its Annual Plan 2021/2022. One of its top priorities is developing to develop a new data asset for the...
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Beezley Energy Advisors

Member since 2012

asked a question in Grid Professionals Group
Principal, Beezley Energy Advisors

Shouldn't we be using some of the billions that will be forthcoming from the feds for infrastructure to create a fully resilient grid by putting the vast majority of it underground ?

I originally shared this as a comment on a post on Energy Central, but thought it was worth sharing as a Q&A to generate some more discussion.
Post - Grid Professionals Group -
You have a 5KV circuit with 1 industrial customer (1 MVA baseload), 3 Commercial 24-hour locations with an average of 100KVA baseload each, 300 residential customers with 2 cars each. 636 ACSR conductor.All of the residential customers have 3-ton..
White Paper - Transmission Professionals Group -
Obtaining electricity network connections for new housing developments is often constrained by the current regulatory investment methodology as well as by technical and other factors.  This is being exacerbated by increasing electrical demands..

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