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The Grid Professionals Group covers electric current from its transmission step down to each customer's home. 

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Matt — 49 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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Charley — 31 posts

Hydrogen & Offshore Wind, business advisor and trainer, Charley Rattan Associates

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Martin — 31 posts

Journalist, Author, Social Media and Conference Architect, Hippo Energy Media

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Tripp — 28 posts

Energy Efficiency Evangelist / Purveyor Of Wonderful Energy Resources, 3DFS Software-Defined Electricity

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Pat — 23 posts

Senior Energy Communications Strategist, NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL

Richard Brooks's picture

Richard — 23 posts

Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer, Reliable Energy Analytics LLC

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Harsha joined 2 days ago

Consultant, ICF

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lisa joined 2 days ago

Technical Solutions Manager-Analytics, Sentient Energy

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Robert joined 3 days ago

Manager, Transmission Services, Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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Ritchie joined 3 days ago

Land Management, Sator Solar UK

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Madeline joined 3 days ago

Marketing Outreach VISTA, ICAST

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Kevin joined 3 days ago

Manager, Smart Grid Technology Advisory, NRTC

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Carlos Sousa's picture

Member since 2019

asked a question in Grid Professionals Group
Specialist, CEMIG

Has your company ever used exoskeletons?

Hi guys, I hope you all are well...I recently saw this video from the French distribution company Enedis: is an R&D project to develop an exoskeleton to assist in electrical system..
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Beezley Energy Advisors

Member since 2012

asked a question in Grid Professionals Group
Principal, Beezley Energy Advisors

Shouldn't we be using some of the billions that will be forthcoming from the feds for infrastructure to create a fully resilient grid by putting the vast majority of it underground ?

I originally shared this as a comment on a post on Energy Central, but thought it was worth sharing as a Q&A to generate some more discussion.
Post - Grid Professionals Group -
You have a 5KV circuit with 1 industrial customer (1 MVA baseload), 3 Commercial 24-hour locations with an average of 100KVA baseload each, 300 residential customers with 2 cars each. 636 ACSR conductor.All of the residential customers have 3-ton..
In recent years, it’s become obvious that the 21st century’s increasingly volatile weather is too much for our 19th century grid. Perhaps nowhere is this point more clear than in Texas. In February, the state’s grid was brought to its knees by..
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Project Manager
Con Edison

Member since 2021

asked a question in Grid Professionals Group
Project Manager, Con Edison

What is the capital cost associated with inverters that meet the 2030.5 standard?

I'm hoping to get help from the DER community...SunSpec issued a list of inverters that meet the 2030.5 standard. I'm trying to get a sense of the cost for an upgrade. I've read the cost is about $150 above the cost for a normal inverter. I'm..

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