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The Grid Professionals Group covers electric current from its transmission step down to each customer's home. 

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Matt Chester's picture

Matt — 51 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

Richard Brooks's picture

Richard — 46 posts

Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer, Reliable Energy Analytics LLC

Charley Rattan's picture

Charley — 38 posts

World Hydrogen Leader, Charley Rattan Associates

Martin Rosenberg's picture

Martin — 38 posts

Journalist, Author, Social Media and Conference Architect, Hippo Energy Media

Tripp Tucker's picture

Tripp — 28 posts

Energy Efficiency Evangelist / Purveyor Of Wonderful Energy Resources, 3DFS Software-Defined Electricity

Julian Jackson's picture

Julian — 27 posts

writer and researcher, BrightGreen PR

Newest Members of Group

Reinaldo Abrahante's picture

Reinaldo joined 3 days ago

Engineer 3, Miami-Dade County, Fl

Chawn Stich's picture

Chawn joined 4 days ago

Director of National Sales, Intertek-PSI

Christian Payerl's picture

Christian joined 4 days ago

Sales Manager, ABB AB

H. Moreau's picture

H. joined 4 days ago

Executive and Marketing Assistant, Aplines

chris gallaway's picture

chris joined 5 days ago

operations and engineering analyst, decatur county remc

Ronald Bilodeau's picture

Ronald joined 6 days ago

Director Strategic Solutions, Osmose Utilities Services Inc.

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Leveraging Data Analytics to Optimize Utilities Vegetation Management

Post - Grid Professionals Group -

Vegetation is a major cause of overhead lines asset failure and could cause large wildfires like the one in California in 2018. Vegetation management is the most-costly expense for many North American utilities. According to the Electric Power..

Here’s Looking at You, Grid: Monthly Digest of Insights Shared by Your Peers in the Energy Central Grid Network – January 14, 2022

Post - Energy Central -

The grid is often called the largest and most complex machine that engineers have ever created, and that was before the advent of smart grid technology, modernized solutions, and more taking place across T&D infrastructure all the time today.

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