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The Environmental Considerations of a Wind Farm in Egypt

The use of renewable energies is considered to be an environmentally compatible form of electricity supply. It saves CO2 emissions and contributes to resource conservation such as the indigenous oil and gas reserves.
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Expert Independent Consultant ,Electric Power Systems Engineering

Member since 2019

Expert Independent Consultant ,Electric Power Systems Engineering, Self

The Emergence of Hydrogen in the Distributed Energy Resources Marketplace

On the small-scale, hydrogen backed DERs can provide local micro-grid resiliency to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and campus environments, etc. While on the large scale, renewable production of hydrogen fed into the peaking operations...
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Regional Director, at Edison Energy, LLC
Edison Energy

Member since 2020

Regional Director, at Edison Energy, LLC, Edison Energy

10/29 Briefing on the Versatile Test Reactor: Advancing U.S. nuclear research & development

Hear the latest on the U.S. Department of Energy's Versatile Test Reactor (VTR) program on Oct. 29 at 12 noon ET during INL's webinar: Advancing U.S. Nuclear Research and Development – A Briefing and Discussion on the VTR.
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Senior Media and Engagement Strategist
Idaho National Laboratory

Member since 2020

Senior Media and Engagement Strategist, Idaho National Laboratory

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Superconductor technology for smaller, sooner fusion

MIT-Commonwealth Fusion Systems demonstration of new superconducting cable is a key step on the high-field path to compact fusion.
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RiverRun Media

Member since 2020

Writer/Editor, RiverRun Media

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