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Video - MD&A -

MD&A Completes Significant Combined-Cycle Inspection and Overhaul

Recently Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) completed a complex, multiple-component combined-cycle major inspection and refurbishment project that successfully brought both turbines and both generators back to full and reliable operations.

Post - Energy Central -

Episode #139: Guiding Utilities of the Future via Energy Market Analysis with Todd Allen, University of Michigan, and Steven Aumeier, Idaho National Laboratory [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast]

Bringing the energy industry into the future cannot be done in a siloed approach, but rather requires a complex, systematic coordination with stakeholders across the sector. And doing so also requires a more forward-looking lens than ever before..

Post - The Energy Mix -

Thorold Gas Peaker Plant Won’t Be Built After Unanimous City Council Vote

Ontario is abandoning plans to build a 198-megawatt gas power plant in the city of Thorold to supply peak power to the provincial grid, after local councillors voted unanimously Tuesday evening to reject the project.

Publication - Clean Power Professionals Group -

PV & Storage Late-Summer 2023

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