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The Generation Network covers the breadth of power generation for utilities - from nuclear, coal, and natural gas to solar, wind, and wave and more. 

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Innovation Knowledge Provider
Agility Innovation

Member since 2020

asked a question in Generation Professionals Group
Innovation Knowledge Provider, Agility Innovation

Change of Power?

Everywhere in the world Power Generation is shifting. I was wanting to get a "handle" on the view of jumping to renewables or taking "bridges" in new Gas fired generation for example. I don't like the word "interim" but more comfortable with..
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Energy Analyst
Chester Energy and Policy

Member since 2018

asked a question in Energy Central
Energy Analyst, Energy Central

Clean Power Professionals: With Earth Day coming up this Thursday April 22, what are you working on to clean up the planet? Share your work with the community & seek out ideas/feedback!

It’s Earth Day this Thursday, April 22 and we want to hear the voices of the Clean Power Community from every corner of the United States, Canada, and even the world.
The drumbeat of recent support for transmission as the great enabler of growth in renewable resources is building. With a new proposed set of federal incentives supporting investment in interregional grid connections, among other grid needs..

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