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The Generation Network covers the breadth of power generation for utilities - from nuclear, coal, and natural gas to solar, wind, and wave and more. 

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WPS Research Advisor
Pacific Forum

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asked a question in Clean Power Professionals Group
WPS Research Advisor, Pacific Forum

CONNECTIONS to Women CEOs/Owners of Clean Power/Carbon Capture Companies in Asia-Pacific

I'm excited to be connected with the Energy Central community!I'm looking for Asia-Pacific women CEOs/biz owners of SMEs in the climate/carbon capture sector. Women working in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, or Timor-Leste would be preferred.I'm a..
Publication - Clean Power Professionals Group -
Going forward most regions must transition to very low greenhouse gas (GHG) electric generation (a.k.a. ‘renewables) in order to avoid the worst effects from climate change.This paper is about the coldest regions in North America, and how they..
Podcast / Audio - Clean Power Professionals Group -
Episode 45 of the Redefining Energy podcast: "The UK Green Industrial Revolution" was introduced by Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, in 2020. It is a holistic approach to decarbonisation, but we wanted to focus on one of its key aspects: the..

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