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Floating offshore wind proposals for the Celtic Sea and advances plans for developing green hydrogen at GW scale using Dolphyn Technology

The award-winning Dolphyn technology is a first of its kind technology, which combines electrolysis, desalination and low carbon hydrogen production on a floating wind platform. It has been developed by ERM, the world’s leading sustainability..

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Hot Rocks Part 3 – Widespread Geothermal Power

The title of this post indicated it’s the third part in this series. The first part was posted a little over a year ago, and the second this spring. This post is about Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS).

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Improving Safety and Reliability: PG&E Developing Several New Remote Grid Systems to Replace Overhead Powerlines and Promote More Wireless Power in High Fire Threat Areas

Power Systems in 2022 and deploying a standardized monitoring and control platform that will help it scale the program to more than 30 systems by 2026. A Standalone Power System (or remote grid) is expected to provide the...