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Intelligent insights & conversations with global power industry professionals

The Generation Professionals Group is for utility professionals who work in biomass, coal, gas/oil, hydro, natural gas, or nuclear power generation fields. 


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Charley Rattan's picture

Charley — 149 posts

Hydrogen & Offshore Wind, business advisor and trainer, Charley Rattan Associates

Matt Chester's picture

Matt — 77 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

Aasem Abuzeid's picture

Aasem — 46 posts

MENA Regional Director, NBN Media Ltd,

Brian Wang's picture

Brian — 26 posts

Independent Writer, NextBigFuture

Pat Remick's picture

Pat — 25 posts

Senior Energy Communications Strategist, NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL

James (Jim) Schetter's picture

James (Jim) — 19 posts

Principal, Renewable Impacts LLC

Newest Members of Group

Nelson Molokwe's picture

Nelson joined 2 days ago

Project Manager, Greenway Energy Technology

Karol Guzla's picture

Karol joined 2 days ago

Digital marketing Executive, TWI Ltd

Daniel Jordan's picture

Daniel joined 2 days ago

SVP Operations, Endeavour

Bogdan Berneaga's picture

Bogdan joined 3 days ago

Managing Director, Ridgeline Industrial

Ryan McGuine's picture

Ryan joined 4 days ago

Engineer, Alliant Energy

Juan Carrizo's picture

Juan joined 6 days ago

Sr. Project Engineer, ATC Group Services

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The WNISR2020 assesses on 361 pages the status and trends of the international nuclear industry and analyzes the additional challenges nuclear power is facing in the age of COVID-19.  In 2019, for the first time in history, non-hydro renewables..
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As distributed energy resources (DER) assets continue to grow in number and installed capacity, energy providers must accelerate the transformation of business models and the way they engage with customers to become orchestrators of a network of..
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Are You a DER Expert? Share Your Industry Insights in the Upcoming Energy Central Special Issue: “Distributed Energy Resources – What’s New?”

As anyone working in power generation, electricity transmission, or even utility management is keenly aware, the energy industry is undoubtedly amid a transformation the likes of which have never been seen. For decades, power was generated..
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Vice President of The Power Industry Network
Energy Central

Member since 2012

Vice President of The Power Industry Network, Energy Central

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