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Energy management is the proactive, organized and systematic coordination of procurement, conversion, distribution and use of energy to meet  requirements, taking into account environmental and economic objectives. The Groups in this network support utility energy management professionals.

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Nexant, Inc.

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asked a question in Energy Efficiency Group
Principal, Nexant, Inc.

What are the biggest barriers that utilities face in transforming their DSM programs from broad offerings with a primary goal to achieve energy savings, to targeted programs with a goal to...

Over the years, as I have worked with utility clients on their DSM/EE program offerings, I have witnessed a growing industry buzz about the transformation of DSM programs from broad offerings that are promoted to all of a utility's customers in a..
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Goal: Reduce millions of tons CO2 while storing massive amounts of renewable sourced thermal energy by displaced fossil fuel water and space heating with wind energy plus  providing 1,000s of new jobs.

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