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The Energy & Sustainability Network is the place where the best minds in the energy & sustainability field come to share ideas. This network includes the Energy Collective & Oil & Gas groups.

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EU Taxonomy will heavily impact the cement industry

Three out of four European cement producers are operating above the emissions threshold set by the new EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities, risking both their license to operate and commercial opportunities, says Fleming Voetmann at FLSmidth

Title: Impact of Electrification of Transportation on the Grid

Henry Ford has a dilemma. He needed gasoline readily available to power the mass-produced cars he would be building. In much the same way, we need charging stations to power the vehicles of the future.

What Utilities Need To Know About The Electrification Of Commercial Trucks

As someone who has held a role in strategic product planning, it is always exciting to be part of forecasting trends and making predictions. My role at the time was forecasting the changes in trucking including legislative and regulatory..

Closing the Gap Zero-Emission Fuel Transition in Shipping

Publication - The Energy Collective Group -

Shipping is a cornerstone of global trade and, as such, the GHG emissions created by shipping are significant and rising, accounting for almost 3% of global anthropogenic emissions (Faber et al. 2020a). Recent projections suggest that by 2050..

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The New Portuguese Electrical System Rules

The new framework applicable to the National Electrical System ("SEN") finally came into force, brought by  Decree-Law 15/2022, of 14 January  (the "New SEN Framework Law" ). The main novelties are the following: ELECTRICITY...

Efforts continue on airport solar plant project

Jan. 25—WATERTOWN — The businessman planning to build a solar panel manufacturing plant near the airport says he has arranged all the project's financing and is ready to transport 115,000 pieces of equipment from a dismantled...