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The Energy & Sustainability Network is the place where the best minds in the energy & sustainability field come to share ideas. This network includes the Energy Collective & Oil & Gas groups.

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Will Joe Save the Union and What It Means for US Climate Policy

The one piece of actual climate-related legislation that history will record as part of Biden’s legacy is the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act (IIJA) popularly known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF). Will it really work out..

Exit Stage Left: What Might It Mean for US Climate Policy

The time for Congress to act on President Biden's climate plans are drawing to a close. Senator Joe Manchin continues to stand between the President and his clean energy and environmental promises. Is their new hope the Senator is changing his tune?

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Senate’s Top Energy Democrat: The Leasing Pause Is In Fact A Ban

Interior Sec. Deb Haaland is scheduled to testify before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee today on her agency’s proposed fiscal year 2023 budget. But early reports of expected testimony show the committee wants answers on the...

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White House Knows Increasing Oil Production is Popular Among Public – But Its Heart Isn’t Into It

In an odd turn of events this week, President Biden appeared to do a complete 180 from the previously stated White House position that the administration is using every tool in its toolbox to encourage increased U.S. oil production, as a tool to...

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Polls Show Widespread Support for Pro-Domestic Energy Policies And Candidates That Back Them

Polling continues to show that Americans support increasing the production of U.S. natural gas to aid Europe and are more likely to vote for candidates that support robust domestic energy policies, as the energy crisis and rising inflation...

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