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The Energy & Sustainability Network is the place where the best minds in the energy & sustainability field come to share ideas. This network includes the Energy Collective & Oil & Gas groups.

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The Essential Needs of Innovation within the Diffusion of Energy.

The adoption stage for innovation is often under-appreciated. For me, the rate and extent of any adoption need to go through different levels of understanding. We need to build distinct value propositions based on ao set of criteria that are..
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Innovation Knowledge Provider
Agility Innovation

Member since 2020

Innovation Knowledge Provider, Agility Innovation

Energy Use And Climate Impacts Of Scaling Up Biofuels and Bioenergy

Research demonstrates well-designed policies can help biofuels and bioenergy meet niche energy needs sustainably, while alternative technologies mature and deploy at scale.
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Policy and Technology
Energy Innovation

Member since 2018

Policy and Technology, Energy Innovation

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