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This special interest group is where customer care professionals share tactics on how utilities are improving interactions with their customers. 


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President, Egan Energy Communications

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Karen — 48 posts

Freelance Business Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

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Rafael — 26 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Patty — 27 posts

President, Cool Planet Solutions LLC

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Ann — 13 posts

Formerly Mission and Brand Manager, KSV

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Individual Contributor, self

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System Analyst, Unitil

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Managing Consultant, Guidehouse

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Director, Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure, Guidehouse

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Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, XTec


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SEO Analyst, Allied Analytics

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If you want to raise the profile of your CEO, there are several underused ways to get the executive's name and thoughts into the media. Op-eds are a popular method, as are profiles and public affairs programs.
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Voices of The Community
Energy Central

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asked a question in Customer Care Group
Voices of The Community, Energy Central

Won't adoption of the green Button Standards accelerate consumer awareness of power/energy usage?

Won't adoption of the green Button Standards accelerate consumer awareness of power/energy usage?Asked by: Counsel from Transmission Organization - PowerSession attendeeThis question was posed during a recent Energy Central PowerSession:..
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Using a DERMS system to manage a collection of DERs is akin to creating a virtual power plant that can be controlled for reliability and cost-efficiency. Utilities will need to expand their use of DERMS to adapt to the new realities of grid..
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Appos Advisors

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asked a question in Utility 2030 Collaborative
Partner, Utility 2030 Collaborative

How Mature is your CX?

Utility 2030 Collaborative, in partnership with Energy Central, has created a short benchmarking survey that we are asking utility professionals to take.  The data from the survey will help us understand the maturity of CX in North American..

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