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This special interest group is where customer care professionals share tactics on how utilities are improving interactions with their customers. 

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John — 69 posts

President, Egan Energy Communications

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Karen — 51 posts

Freelance Researcher and Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

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Rafael — 29 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Patty — 27 posts

President, Cool Planet Solutions LLC

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Ann — 13 posts

Formerly Mission and Brand Manager, KSV

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Rob — 12 posts

Individual Contributor, self

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Don joined 2 days ago

Sales Manager, Pioneer Motor Bearing Company

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Joe joined 3 days ago

VP, Industry Marketing & Strategy, Blue Prism

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Angela joined 3 days ago

Customer Experience Specialist, Energy Queensland

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Rodolfo joined 4 days ago

Engineer Manager, EnRe

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Preston joined 1 week ago

Solar Consultant, Sunshine City

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Richard joined 1 week ago

Project Manager/Sales, Extreme Precision

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Partner & COO
Appos Advisors and Utility 2030 Collaborative

Member since 2018

asked a question in Utility 2030 Collaborative

What do you love most about the "Amazon Experience" that could be translated for the utility customer experience and how would it work?

Another crowdsourcing request from the Utility 2030 Collaborative that we want to share with the Energy Central community.


Customer Care: Digital Experience

Post - Customer Care Group -

Energy industry has been focusing on utility related services and not on customer care. Customer care was not the important initiative till recently as customers did not have to choose a utility company.  Energy industry is the underperforming..

Personalized Customer Service & Data Management Drive Utility’s New Business Installation On-Time Start Rates to 90%

Post - Agile Sourcing Partners -

By leveraging our business process optimization (BPO) experience and digital transformation tools, Agile designed a customer-centric solution that improved customers' experiences and new business on-time installation rates to 90% for a large gas..

Utilities Don’t Underestimate Value of Emotional Connections

Post - Customer Care Group -

Utilities whose customer service efforts that fall short of creating emotional connections to their captive audience, typically prove to be costly missed opportunities in the future.

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With the state considering sweeping reductions in rooftop solar incentives for new users, advocates of the current program are warning the move would undercut the state's drive to 100% clean energy and compromise other...