This special interest group is where customer care professionals share tactics on how utilities are improving interactions with their customers. 

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John — 80 posts

President, Egan Energy Communications

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Rafael — 57 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Karen — 51 posts

Freelance Energy and Technology Researcher and Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

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Mark — 20 posts

SVP Products, Ibex Digital

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Nathan — 16 posts

President & CEO, Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative

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Ann — 13 posts

Formerly Mission and Brand Manager, KSV

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Kenneth joined 1 day ago

Electrical Engineer, Kenya Power PLC

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Mechanical engineer, Anipsotiki

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President, KLC

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VP, Processing Transformation, InvoiceCloud

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Manager, JEA

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Founder, Apex Hatchers

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Bust Out of Service Fatigue: The What, Where, Why and How Behind a Decline in Customer Service Excellence

Service fatigue is defined as that feeling that keeps you from delivering the excellent customer service your staff and patrons have come to expect.

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Promoting Energy Safety to Your Customers? How to Breathe Life into Your Marketing

When I began my career in energy journalism at The Energy Daily, my mentor and editor John McCaughey gave me a tip: “Your readers will die soon enough — try not to bore them to death!”     Energy Safety: Good Copy and Provocative Art...

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Miscellaneous Thoughts for Your Utility’s Public Relations Department

Small things can make a big difference when it comes to pitching stories. Here are a few ways to improve your chances for success -- or to at least not alienate a news outlet.

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The intersection of payments and customer satisfaction: more options improve experience

There's no question that utilities are late to adopt digital payments. This article explores key trends driving utility companies to rethink the digital experience as online payment options prove key for improved customer experience.

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Big Tech Lessons from FinTech to Utilities

A conversation with a FinTech expert about some of the lessons Big Tech taught that industry and the playbooks available to the Utility industry.

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Tunisia: Siemens Advanta associated with smart grid transformation

The government of Tunisia has hired a consortium of external partners to support a major renewable energy transformation. Siemens is one of the program’s main partners, with subsidiary Siemens Advanta in the lead for the...