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Getting the most from the Energy Central Power Industry Network

The Energy Central Power Industry Network is designed for professionals working in the global electric utility industry. It allows industry professionals to share their insights and knowledge with other professionals. It also allows intelligent discussions and interactions that help move the industry forward.

Since 1995, Energy Central has been a hub for news and content for electric power industry professionals.

With more than 200,000 registered members, the Energy Central Platform (the Power Industry Network) connects you with the knowledge and people to help you be world-class professionals.

Our mission is to unlock the knowledge and expertise of the industry - helping move our industry forward through this time of massive change. We hope that you join us on this journey!



The Energy Central Power Industry Network is a 'closed' platform, meaning that you must be a qualified, registered industry professional to participate. Registering allows you to access more relevant information. It also allows you to interact with other members (commenting, connecting, discussing and asking & answering questions).


Networks, Groups and Channels

Our content & community platform is organized around 6 major industry segments (our Networks - Utility Business, Generation, Grid, Intelligent Utility, Energy Management and Energy & Sustainability). Each Network contains multiple community Groups (that you can join and participate in), and Channels (industry blogs that you can follow). Each Network gives you an overview of the content and activity in its individual groups.

Joining a group allows you to access great content from you peers, connect with your peers in your specialty, ask questions and contribute your insights and knowledge . We are continuously adding new Groups and Channels - if you have a suggestion, please contact us at community@energycentral.com, especially if you’d like to help start and grow it.



Energy Central has more than a dozen newsletters designed to inform industry professionals. While you don't need to become a member for many of our newsletters, registering gives you access to content and features reserved for industry professionals.

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Any registered professional can contribute an article, resource or question to the Power Industry Network. Our staff reviews contributed content before posting to ensure it meets our community standards (helpful, relevant and non-commercial). Posting intelligent content helps boost your presence and visibility in the community.

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Asking a Question

The Power Industry Network has more than 200,000 registered members from every sector of the electric power industry. You can tap into this incredible wealth of knowledge and experience by posting your questions in the appropriate Group.



As a professional network, our contributors look forward to your thoughtful comments on their posts. Respectful, intelligent conversations are welcome. Participating helps build your presence and visibility as an expert in the community.

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Liking content (posts, news, questions, answers, comments, etc.) helps the best content "float to the top". It also helps our platform present content that is relevant and interesting to you. Finally, as a member-based platform, it lets our contributors know that you appreciate their contributions.



Following a member or a company will keep you informed when that member or company posts new content.


Sponsoring & Advertising

Becoming a Sponsor or Advertiser is a great way to show your organization's support of our platform and enable the continued availability of the platform for power industry professionals. It also delivers great exposure and qualified leads.

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