Fast & Easy Deployments

The Zappix cloud-based solution is built on a strong back-end web-app editor with open API technology, which allows very rapid deployment of new customers and quick turnaround of change requests.

Impressive Savings 

Zappix Visual IVR improves self-service rates and increases automation in the contact center, thus reducing the number of calls to live agents. Customers can easily schedule and confirm maintenance visits, reducing the number of unnecessary visits and missed appointments. Zappix digital solutions let customers report outages, pay bills, view usage information and more without having to tie up an agent.

Boost Customer Satisfaction 

Customers today prefer to solve product or service issues on their own. Zappix solution is a digital self-service platform that offers customers an intuitive channel to resolve their inquiries. Our customers experience an NPS > 40 and CSAT > 80 on average.

Visibility & Analytics 

Zappix provides access to a comprehensive Analytics Suite. The platform tracks and records every action of the user journey and provides a full suite of reports and actionable analytics capabilities to help customers provide improved service.