Solar Support empowers asset owners to keep their plants operating at their peak.

Plant Restoration for Extreme Weather Events: Fast results. Faster returns.

Solar Support has restored 100s of MWs of damaged sites, saved operators millions in unnecessary equipment replacement costs, and shortened recovery times by as much as 70%.

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Find out how to recover utility solar from extreme weather damage plus more videos including:

Climate Change Risks for Utility–Scale PV
Natural Disaster Recovery 101 – Lessons for Utility PV
...and more!

Equipment and Plant Reliability: People empowering plants.

Whether online, on-call, or on-site, Solar Support’s engineers help asset owners efficiently diagnose and resolve complex inverter issues. As experts in corrective and preventive maintenance, Solar Support boosts asset production and revenues—so owners get more out of their solar portfolios.

Specialized Component Procurement: Total value, part by part.     

Solar Support delivers hard-to-find parts with unparalleled service. With a value-added IGBT replacement program that delivers brand new stacks in 48 hours, clients get the confidence that comes with expert installation, a 1-year warranty, in-person training and more. Solar Support has earned a reputation as a trusted resource to utility-scale solar owners and operators. From performance testing and site inspections to on-site training and more, only Solar Support offers the knowledge and experience it takes to help boost uptime, maximize returns, and power performance.