NarrativeWave empowers domain experts to collaborate and rapidly create analytic models to improve asset performance and operational efficiency. Our system is unique in that it lets users create decision maps that can analyze events holistically, determining what to do next (not just creating more alerts).  In addition, domain experts, who know their assets the best, can apply their knowledge to creating analytical models without knowing any software coding.

Some examples of how our software can be utilized include:

  • Automation of decision processes around events (For example, Alerts)
  • Automation of root cause analysis / troubleshooting diagnostics
  • Creation of complex anomaly detection
    • Find anomalies before thresholds are reached
    • Identify anomalies that are “predictive” of future events
    • Analyze anomalies which are indicative of poor asset performance
  • Creation of a central knowledge base of how to respond to sensor data

Types of data which can be used in NarrativeWave:

  • SCADA data from local or a central repository
  • Weather data, Subsystem information
  • Power curve / market data / external reference data
  • Maintenance data
  • Other structured information source


Our goal is to empower organizations managing critical assets in the energy sector to be able to rapidly use analytics to optimize their assets and processes.  

Some recent articles about how NarrativeWave is being used in generation: