iRestore: Redefining Utility Operations Through Smart Technology

Founded in 2012, iRestore is dedicated to meeting the mobile app needs of electric, gas and water utilities. iRestore offices are located in Cambridge, MA and West Hartford, CT, with a global product team that has unique design expertise and a deep proficiency in high-scale enterprise mobility technologies. The iRestore product team combines mobile designers and developers with experience building enterprise apps at scale together with experienced utility managers with hands-on operations expertise. iRestore serves many of the nation’s investor-owned utilities (gas and electric) as happy customers. iRestore apps enjoy a very high degree of user satisfaction and have been covered extensively in the TV and print media for their ability to help utilities recover more effectively from extreme weather damage to the electric grid.

iRestore offers mobile apps for:

  • First responder damage reporting
  • Rapid and detailed damage assessment
  • Crew tracking
  • Wire guarding
  • Street lighting
  • Switch locator and verification
  • Tailboarding
  • Asset inspection (both overhead and underground with reconciliation into the utility’s asset database)
  • Gas operations suite, including QA management, leak reporting, corrosion protection

Why iRestore?

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Utility field workers are often required to use cumbersome and arcane software that runs on laptops. By harnessing the growing power and native capability of smartphones and mobile devices, iRestore offers a far more attractive solution—one that workers embrace and one that generates cost savings and increased productivity for a utility enterprise of any size.

Many existing utility asset and work management solutions were built for PCs first, well before the current smartphone revolution. When these providers say they “have an app,” their fundamental information model remains PC-centric, creating barriers to field adoption and usability. iRestore has pioneered a “mobile-first” approach to software for utility operations users, which means an obsessive focus on mobile user experience design, battery life and online/offline operation.

In a matter of minutes, field personnel and supervisors can be up and running and ready to respond using our simple-to-use graphical apps, without lengthy, formal training. Yet when they use iRestore apps, they are interacting in real time with an intelligent, massively scalable location-based platform.

Back at the office, utilities get real-time notifications from the field, allowing “eyes on” coordination from their desktop. This rapid exchange of information fosters heightened situational awareness, first responder partnerships, restoration response time (CAIDI), community relations, compliance, record documentation, crew management, safety and more.

Easy Integration

iRestore’s apps are fully customizable, for easy integration with each provider’s existing software. iRestore provides a documented REST API, which enables utilities to integrate iRestore data with any of their internal systems, such as GIS, OMS and ERP.

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