Intelligent Utility explores the strategies and realities of delivering information-enabled energy and building a smart grid, focusing on people, process and technology, economic models, finance, and public policy.

Intelligent Utility®, a division of Energy Central, is dedicated to enabling utilities and other critical organizations effectively leverage information-enabled energy – from generation to the end-user. Our editorial, webinar and conference services cover all aspects of the emerging Digital Utility, including:

Communication Infrastructure. Covering the widespread, high-speed networks utilities will need as they become more "distributed" and must communicate with increasingly complex and advanced controls and sensors throughout their distribution territories, including mobile workers.

Smart Metering Solutions and MDM. Covers management of metering and associated data, as well as the technologies necessary to enable two-way metering to the home and the analysis and use of the avalanche of data these meters will provide.

Mobile Workforce Management & OMS & GIS. Covers the management of a mobile work force in the utility environment.

Protection & Control. Examines the new technologies coming on line, including artificial intelligence, that will enable the grid to become more self-sustaining.

SCADA and Security (Cyber & Physical).  Covers this specialized communications system as it evolves to embrace new communications methods, more advanced automated controls and decision making and increasingly sophisticated protection of the grid from potential threats.

Substations. Covers equipment, systems and software inside the fence at both transmission and distribution substations.

T&D Asset Management. Covers strategies, processes and information technologies for managing utility T&D assets.

Intelligent Grid / T&D Automation. Covers everything that speeds up and improves the automatic monitoring, reporting and operation and control of energy delivery.

T&D Reliability. Reliability threats not only from thunderstorms, but from generation and transmission constraints imposed by regulation, legislation and environmental concerns.