By helping utilities achieve their savings and performance goals, Franklin Energy focuses on living out their purpose to help all people use our world’s precious resources more efficiently. Their wide range of in-house expertise, long-running integrated programs and nationwide client base provides utilities with insights and innovation that simply can’t be gleaned from an algorithm and a purchased data set. Leveraging over two decades of industry experience, the experts at Franklin Energy focus on transforming their utility clients from ‘transactional business’ to pillars of the local community. They recognize and celebrate the diversity of utility service territories across the nation, creating custom programs to fit clients’ unique needs and regulatory frameworks, which can be adapted and scaled based on changing needs. Every step of the way, their team members seek to build authentic relationships with their clients, end-use customers, trade allies, partners and those within the communities they serve.


NGAGE, Franklin Energy’s scalable and flexible customer engagement platform, seamlessly integrates utility portfolio programs into a single interface, enabling more efficient portfolio administration, easier partner management and more effective customer engagement. It is the glue that ties programs together to form a logical, customer-focused journey. NGAGE is comprised of three core modules that can be purchased alone or bundled together—or purchased over time as utility needs expand and scale.

NGAGE Customer includes customer-facing products such as a customer engagement platform, journey-based alerts, utility reports, virtual audits, integrated marketplaces and more. All products are fully utility-branded to ensure customers recognize and trust their experience while enjoying the ease and accessibility of interacting with their utility where they already are: online.

NGAGE Client provides utilities with a comprehensive portal to access and track portfolio performance, run reports on trade ally participation, and leverage data analytics to discover what’s working and what needs real-time tweaks. It distills program information into easy-to-use dashboards that provide utilities with 24/7 access to their real-time data.

NGAGE Partner simplifies a utility’s interactions with trade allies by providing an online portal specifically for retail partners and trade allies. It includes capabilities to bulk-purchase program products, a library of on-demand e-training resources, in-field assessment tools, a rebate center and more. The comprehensive portal smooths the complexities of working with trade allies while profitably growing both their business and their relationship with the utility.


Through their sister company, AM Conservation Group, Franklin Energy is able to efficiently manufacture, source and distribute products and kits for any program. With coast-to-coast warehouses and ample on-hand inventory, Franklin Energy is able to provide energy- and water-saving products for even the most unique programs and customers. Offerings include residential and commercial lighting, showerheads and aerators, weatherization products, smart technology and more. With common ownership and centralized leadership, they’ve cut out the middleman to provide products faster and more reliably than procuring them from an external third party.

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