What is your Energy Efficiency Story? Celebrating EE Day 2021 on October 6th

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There's a day for that?  Yep!

This coming Wednesday, October 6th is Energy Efficiency Day

"The Energy Efficiency Day message is simple: “Save Money. Cut Carbon. Breathe Easier.” Since the inaugural Energy Efficiency Day in 2016, this annual awareness event has been supported by hundreds of prominent organizations, companies, government agencies and others."

In partnership with our content partner SensorSuite, Energy Central would like to help celebrate EE day 2021 and we need your help! Starting today, we are asking the community to share their EE stories either by posting a note in the comments section below or by creating your own post

Our goal is to have our community members share your tips, programs that you have implemented, and/or any stories that you may have around promoting Energy Efficiency.  Below are a few topic prompts to get you started: 

  • Are you doing anything notable to celebrate this annual recognition of energy efficiency's importance? 
  • What new programs have you implemented for energy efficiency in the past year? How have they performed? 
  • What programs have you implemented in the last several years that are performing exceptionally well? Tell us about the program, how many meters has it impacted etc. 
  • How are you hoping to truly embrace the energy efficiency possibilities into the future? 

We're calling for community members to share your EE stories. Your stories, whether it is a note below in the comments or as your own postwill be highlighted in our upcoming Energy Management Network Newsletter scheduled to deploy on Wednesday, October 6th.  So, don't miss out-- share now!  And be sure to use the special topic tag we created EEDAY2021.

*Your stories need to be posted by Tuesday, October 5th in order to be included in the newsletter.

And a special thanks to our Sponsor Sensorsuite for supporting our upcoming Newsletter edition and topic of discussion around EE Day 2021. 

Muhammad Rasyidi's picture
Muhammad Rasyidi on Oct 1, 2021

My curiosity between Flow battery and lithium energy storage, which one more efficient 

Matt Chester's picture
Matt Chester on Oct 1, 2021

That's a great question, Muhammad-- perhaps you should submit it to our Q&A section so our experts will see and weigh in!

Norbert Vasen's picture
Norbert Vasen on Oct 6, 2021

Hi Muhammad, I think I can respond to the question. I was once interested to become partner of a German flow battery provider and when I asked about how many Ampère hours come back during discharge after a charge cycle, I was disappointed: about 65% with their current state of the art. That is, they were still developing their Vanadium technology. With Li-Ion it is way higher, nearly 100% according two sources. So that is how much charging current in Ampère hours (Ah) you get back from the battery. Then there is also the voltage efficiency (it is like current efficiency a complicated story with conditions and curves) and if you combine these then you get the energy efficiency. I have to study more this issue and you can't give one single %-value, but this low current efficiency of the flow battery seems to set it back in comparison to the Li-Ion battery.

The advantage of the flow battery is that for static applications (so forget about electric vehicles), each kWh of energy should cost less, because the storage is not in the cell itself (like in the normal rechargeable battery, including Li-Ion, where reactor and storage medium are in the same box). The storage is there in the external fluid tanks, which can be as big as you want.

It is a bit difficult to explain without explaining the flow battery, which you can find well explained in videos.



Muhammad Rasyidi's picture
Muhammad Rasyidi on Oct 9, 2021

Hi Norbert, thanks for your valuable explanation, my consideration is the cycle of flow battery much longer than li-ion, the lower cost also a consideration, but the efficiency lower than Li-ion would also be a matter to think about 

Jim Stack's picture
Jim Stack on Oct 1, 2021

I love energy efficiency . As you know windows are not efficient at all. I use Inflectors on all of my widows. They are placed inside so they never wear out. The can be flipped in a minute to make or reflect energy Hot or COLD. They provide an air tight barrier to the outside called convection, the movement of cold or hot air. They also make it quieter from outside noise.


Len Rosen's picture
Len Rosen on Oct 6, 2021

Hi Jim, I visited the In'flector site and am interested in learning more about the technology and how it could be applied to building retrofits as a heat-saving and cooling alternative to complete window replacement. I am asking because Canada's federal government programs currently offer homeowners assistance in retrofits that are energy-saving. They have yet to make a similar offer to condominiums and multi-unit residential buildings but it is coming. How does an In'flector installation compare in cost to complete window replacement? What is the availability of the technology for large-scale deployment? 


Len Rosen 

Jim Stack's picture
Jim Stack on Oct 8, 2021

Len, They are available by mail since they are light weight . They usually ship them in just a week or so. 


The cost to add them to a home or office is less than 1/25th of window replacement. Simply put the magnetic strip on the edge of the window opening. Then the Inflector just goes on and attaches with the magnetic strip. Mine home in the Chandler AZ HOT area have all held for over 10 years. You just pull them off and flip them in just a minute or two. Plus there is no waste from tearing out all the old windows. 

Vytau K. Virskus's picture
Vytau K. Virskus on Oct 4, 2021

Here is our recent success story. 

Millennium Energy provided the conceptual design for the project, and it is Millenium's patented E~flow hydronic distribution system variable volume pumping controls that made the conversion of the extensive campus chilled water tunnel distribution system from constant flow to variable flow based on building energy demand.


I will be accepting the APWA award at Traverse City Michigan on October 13th, and the AEE award at their international conference in New Orleans on October 19th.

Audra Drazga's picture
Audra Drazga on Oct 6, 2021

Congrats on your award!

Alex Cornwell's picture
Alex Cornwell on Oct 4, 2021

For Energy Efficiency Day we're celebrating Power Quality Score. PQS is a new metric for rating and categorizing electronic devices. Think of every laptop charger, phone charger, coffee maker, out there consuming idle power or designed without power quality in mind. We've been in the power electronics industry for a long time and we know this characteristic needs attention. An opportunity for saving energy at scale is right in front of us. Let's do this!

Norbert Vasen's picture
Norbert Vasen on Oct 6, 2021

I agree, many devices consume energy like the cook that cuts the fish in a way that fits to his frying pan, in which he might cut too much from the tail or head. There are interfacing devices that transform the power line parameters of current and voltage in such a way that (even with varying voltage due to load variations) the consuming devices get the full value of the energy that is available on each moment.

Cindy Miller's picture
Cindy Miller on Oct 4, 2021

I recently attended virtually the Energy Bar Association program on what happened in Texas during the winter storm.  Dr. Michael Webber, Professor in Energy Resources at the University of Texas, emphasized a solution of having more energy efficiency that reduces peak demand.  Other speakers echoed this sentiment as well. 

Norbert Vasen's picture
Norbert Vasen on Oct 6, 2021

There is much truth in that. I try to get this through in my blog and in my services. Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) can often be combined with Demand Side Management (DSM) and then you get the best of two worlds. Including more money savings that help to incentivise an investment.

How much problems would be avoided and how much cheaper would be the infrastructure if its full capacity could be used 24/7. Moreover, it would lead to less overload and thus bye-bye to the Texas winter incident.

Amanda Marchione's picture
Amanda Marchione on Oct 5, 2021

Centered around our mission to "Address Climate Change through Economic Incentives", Encentiv Energy offers scalable solutions to dramatically expand the awareness of, and access to, billions of dollars of energy efficiency funds. UtilityGenius™, which is powered by Encentiv Energy, is a new tool we developed where users can search thousands of programs for eligible products and rebate estimates. These rebates can drive down the cost of an energy efficiency project and help motivate customers to take action. For Energy Efficiency Day, let's start making a change today!


Rebecca Baptiste's picture
Rebecca Baptiste on Oct 5, 2021

Energy efficiency can lower utility bills, grid strain and greenhouse gas emissions. The Big-Box Efficiency Project goes beyond single-measure retrofits to demonstrate the value of a holistic approach. We’re testing pre-commercial technology like DC-capable LED lighting, smart motors for refrigeration and HVAC, pre-cooling for air conditioning, smart water management, and an internet-of-things building energy management systems platform. The primary goal is deeper energy savings, at least 20%, from big-box retail stores. Led by the Center for Sustainable energy, the Big-Box Efficiency Project is funded by the California Energy Commission in partnership with Walmart, Southern California Edison and project partner contributions. You can read more about the project in my recent blog post:

Norbert Vasen's picture
Norbert Vasen on Oct 6, 2021

I will check this out, Rebecca, curious about what I will see. Indeed I agree with the holistic or top down approach, which helps to set priorities and take the low hanging fruit first, which can then help to finance the more expensive Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs).

Catherine  Pellegrin's picture
Catherine Pellegrin on Oct 5, 2021

Sharing the impact of our programs with neighbors, new acquaintances, really anyone who will listen never gets old. Letting people know they can get free AC tune-ups or sharing the overall impact that our programs have in the community, makes me proud of what I do every day. And people love learning about it too! 

Norbert Vasen's picture
Norbert Vasen on Oct 6, 2021

Hi Catherine, can you tell more? Maybe a link?

James Giordano's picture
James Giordano on Oct 5, 2021

Happy Energy Efficiency Day! A contribution that we wanted to share is that Resource Innovations has been working with Cascade Energy on the first Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program in the country that is specifically for cannabis cultivators. We have enrolled 32 customers and are projected to save 12.2 GWh by the end of 2021. The cannabis sector needs personalized support to understand and move forward with energy upgrades. Controlled Environment Agriculture applications are energy-intensive, 24/7 operations, with a unique set of challenges that require unique solutions. Yet with the right approach, utilities can design integrated program offerings that meet the needs of this customer segment. In energy efficiency programs, the low-hanging fruit (like lighting in offices and warehouses) is becoming scarcer, so it’s important for utilities to design programs that target specific high-usage customer segments to get deeper savings. Energy efficiency continues to play a crucial role in the fight against climate change. There is still so much potential for capturing savings---we just need to keep innovating and collaborating!  

Norbert Vasen's picture
Norbert Vasen on Oct 6, 2021

Hi James, lastly I am interested in vertical crops agriculture because they promise to be a solution where more food is created inside the city, releasing much pressure on the enormous effort and risks related with bringing food from outside to cities of more than, say 10 million inhabitants. It needs also less water and pesticides.

If this trend would gain speed, could SEM work also for this development? I don't know how much different it is from cannabis technology.

Venkat Bahl's picture
Venkat Bahl on Oct 5, 2021

On #EEDAY2021 and every day, Sentient Energy recognizes and supports energy efficiency. We help utilities optimize and conserve voltage with dynamic VAR control applied to distribution transformers near the edge of the grid. Our Grid Edge Control solution provides utilities with energy savings of 3-5% through conservation voltage reduction while improving power quality for utility customers.


This Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) write-up on the demand reduction Hydro Ottawa achieved illustrates how our Edge of Network Grid Optimization (ENGO) and Grid Edge Management System (GEMS) solutions help utilities save energy.

Norbert Vasen's picture
Norbert Vasen on Oct 6, 2021

I think my remark above on Alex Cornwell applies here.

TARU SUMAN's picture
TARU SUMAN on Oct 6, 2021


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