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  • Jan 3, 2022

Welcome back to the Energy Central Community after what I hope was a very happy and healthy new year's celebration for you all! I want to kick off 2022 right, so what better way than asking the traditional question for a new year but with a utility twist?

So what are your resolutions for 2022? Do you want to help your organization move into a new trending area of interest? Are you hoping to develop new skills to further your career? Are you looking to champion a new technology or type of program?

Let's share our best resolutions below. 

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I'm from China. Last year's heavy rain happened in my hometown. The news media has been reporting on the current situation of the disaster. Many people were trapped in the heavy rain or in their houses. So I hope that clean energy can change the world, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and prevent more regions and countries from being affected by unconventional natural disasters!

I'm resolved to delivering content more consistently to my partners and clients on Energy Central and our own media outreach programs.  


I'm resolved to understanding EV and Solar programs from a residential consumer perspective to help our utility clients connect more effectively with their clients on these important topics. Who better than the electric utility industry to deliver informative content to customers so that they may navigate EV and Solar decisions with facts and truth amidst a lot of bad actors preying on them?


I'm resolved to attending CS Week 2022 and EMACS 2022 this year in person whatever protective measures we need to employ in order to see our clients and partners face to face again.  Virtual has been great during the pandemic, but I want to be sure we find a way to connect safely but in person with our clients again, soon.

World has been facing a crisis in terms of two vital resources – Firstly, water which is threatening the world more seriously and energy which requires water to generate steam and effluent discharge. The pandemic has been warning humankind to proceed carefully at least now in revitalizing the environmental components.

In view of this, there are serious resolutions to be made in 2022 on both these fronts and energy becomes relevant considering the close integration with the economy.  The overall planning needs a serious attention on the options before us – currently, most of the countries are leaning towards renewables.  As indicated earlier here again, one has to be extra careful as we are ignorant of the consequences of such large investments on renewables – both wind and solar as they attract huge areas.  We are not prepared to look for another alternate IF, the implications become as tough as the climate change due to fossil fuels.

Therefore, our resolutions for 2022 could be many fold to cover plugging leaks in our home, leave the personal transport, update lighting in common areas towards energy-efficient fixtures, reduce travel to the extent possible and above all, estimate carbon footprint and set a goal to reduce it over a period of time.

We need to develop a loving relationship with Nature and inculcate this in our new generation right from today – an example in this regard is turning off the thermostat by 1 degree (more at night) which should be aimed at reducing the daily kWh which understandably becomes habit for the long run.  This when multiplied across society would make a huge difference for not only the country but even the world at large. The spread of such activities towards conservation among societies / locality and state would greatly contribute towards efforts of utilities to concentrate on limited usage of resources for power generation.

The skills of leading from the front on conservation options would be one of the greatest virtues that will benefit society at large which may gradually lead us to a career in Green energy.  While one starts with a small idea, the constant thinking would provide better ideas over a period of time.

It is just not limited to just energy conservation alone, there are associated facilities which need attention as well – reducing water consumption and heating as well; insulting home so that you spend comparatively less energy to either cool or heat. 

Now that the pandemic has forced us to change the way we functioned earlier, some of these new habits like – virtual interactions, Work from Home would add to the efforts mentioned above. 

Although one expected a relief from the pandemic (Covid-19) in the beginning of the bright 2022, Omicron seems to be threatening the Globe more rapidly than one expected.  This means that we need to strive hard for better strategies in addition to those already in place.

My 2022 resolution is to learn more about the affect of increasing renewables has on inertia, how to measure or estimate it and what can system operator do to manage it.

My 2022 resolution is to attend and participate in several LIVE industry meetings to include Distributech 2022 and the IEEE PES T&D Expo.  

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Frederik ten Sythoff on Jan 10, 2022

Looking forward to seeing you there Mike and welcome you to booth 2851.