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  • Nov 15, 2022

In recognition of this being International Fraud Awareness Week, Energy Central wanted to kick off a conversation about how this is coming into play in the utility sector. What are your customer care professionals and departments doing to prepare as scam attempts ramp up against utility customers? Discuss your strategies, successes, or even remaining pain points below to kickstart this conversation. 

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Lincoln Electric System launched a Solar Trade Ally Network in 2022 to highlight solar installers who acknowledged that they would accurately and fairly represent the utilities rates, incentives and other utility-related information. The network was created to combat several firms who have misrepresented the utility's current and projected future rates as well as undertaking a variety of other deceptive practices.

Solar firms that are part of the network are included on a published list posted on the utility's website and projects they install qualify for a utility customer incentive. Since launching the network in early 2022, the firms that were deceiving the public have moved to other service territories.

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Mark Wilkinson on Nov 28, 2022

Such a great idea and a terrific service for electric utilities to offer their customers.  Solar scams persist because it's a new industry and customers don't have a lot of dependable information.  Scammers always exploit those scenarios.  Having authoritative information about solar that's clearly communicated and a service to find a pro or warn customers about bad actors  on the website makes terrific sense.