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  • May 15, 2021

Asked by Consultant, Waterbridget Consulting, Inc. 

One of the challenges with the adoption of digital construction is change management with field crews.  How do you improve the willingness of field crews to leverage digital technology?

This question was posed during a recent Energy Central PowerSession: Can Integrating Design, Construction and Grid Data Make a Digital Twin a Reality?

The PowerSession was so lively and packed with great information that the panelists were not able to address all the questions live, so we thought we would bring the question into the community. By posting the question in the community, anyone can follow the Q&A and or even participate.

In case you missed the live event, you can access the on-demand recording by following this link

To read other questions and answers from the session, follow this link. 

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This is a very important question with a deceptively simple answer:  the technology has to match both the persona using it and their workflow and add value.  This is not just about UI, UX and form factors.  If technology gets in the way and is not valuable, no matter the market or workflow, it won't get used.  The technology also has to "speak the language" of the user persona.  I believe that is why mobile technologies at utilities have failed for so long - they were designed for one persona but then forced onto the field persona.