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Episode #27: ‘Fleet Electrification is Bigger in Texas' with David Treichler of Oncor Electric Delivery - [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast]

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  • Dec 8, 2020

That the transportation sector is leaning more and more into electric vehicles is no surprise, and is in fact become more of a foregone conclusion. But that trend being seemingly inevitable doesn’t mean it will be a smooth and easy transition for all stakeholders and planning for that future today is of paramount importance, especially for those in the utility business who will be tasked with ensuring there’s enough power being generated and transmitted to where it’s needed to keep the electric vehicles of the region energized. And nowhere in the United States is the need to plan for the electric transport of tomorrow more apparent than with grid operators in Texas, often seen as the crossroads of the country for freight travel.

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In today’s episode of the Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast, David Treichler—the Director of Business Development at Oncor Electric Delivery—joins us to share about the state of the electric vehicle evolution in the Lone Star State and what sort of considerations are required of his team at Oncor to ensure fleets can be reliably charged the day they’re brought home from the lot. The infrastructure and processes responsible for moving electrons across the grid were not set up with the transportation sector in mind, but with thought leaders and innovators like David at the helm, the future of electric vehicles in personal, fleet, and freight transportation surely looks bright.


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Jim Stack's picture
Jim Stack on Dec 9, 2020

With smart charging the electric vehicles can be set to help balance the GRID power. They can charge off peak and stop charging on peak hours as needed. If the join some V2G projects the vehicles can even add power during peak needs. 

 The utilities can lead the way and then help others. 

David Treichler's picture
David Treichler on Dec 9, 2020


Great observation. In Texas we can't own batteries that interconnect with the grid under Texas Senate Bill 7 which deregulated our market. But we are exploring ways we can utilize school buses for keeping sections of laterals or feeders up in grid restoration work to reduce SAIDI. But we also see that aggregated vehicle batteries could have significant impact grid support impacts when they reach critical mass. Clearly the grid of the not so distant future will incorporate 'all of the above' resources to create a seamless experience for all electric customers.

JC Culberson's picture
JC Culberson on Dec 9, 2020

I'm interested to see how the traditional non-conforming load will be impacted by nighttime EV charging. As EV load continues to grow, I believe this will present a significant demand curve, and eventually a new, non-traditional peak. It will be very interesting to see how the wholesale energy markets will adjust to this as well.

David Treichler's picture
David Treichler on Dec 9, 2020


At Oncor we calculated that we could electrify all light duty vehicles in the state and if they all charged over night we would only need to add approximately 20% new generation. So smart time of use charging is essential to manage the loads and more fully utilize generation resources. But this all is dependent upon vehicle owners responding to the price signals. One thing we have noticed is not everyone does. So it is likely we will have to add more than the 20% to manage the transition. But if we keep talking about the opportunity, hopefully we can achieve a number close to the minimum we calculated.

JC Culberson's picture
JC Culberson on Dec 21, 2020

I’d love to talk with you more about this! I find this subject fascinating.

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