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  • Dec 21, 2021

As made famous by George Constanza's father in Seinfeld, December 23 is known as the alternative winter-time holiday Festivus. If you're not familiar with Festivus, I recommend reading about it here (and watching the episode ASAP now that Seinfeld is available on Netflix!).

Among the multiple traditions in this fictional holiday is the 'Feats of Stength,' which is explained as follows:

In accordance with Seinfeld tradition, Festivus is not complete until the head of the household is wrestled to the floor and pinned. However, one thing to consider for your Festivus Party is to have Feats of Strength that do not require a visit to the emergency room and/or long term physiotherapy. So, you may want to avoid any Manly Feats of Strength


So as a fun, pre-holiday poll, I wanted to ask the Energy Central Community- are there any feats of strength your utility/organization has accomplished this past year you want to brag about? Or perhaps a personal accomplishment in your energy career that fits the feat of strength-- perhaps you rolled out thousands of new smart meters without any problem, you leveled up your workforce skills to take a new role, or your organization showed particular strength in the face of a challenging weather event?

Let's hear your feats of strength below! And a Happy Festivus to the rest of us!

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