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  • Jan 3, 2023

Setting goals and resolutions for the new year may be cliche, but it became a cliche for good reason as this is a great time to reflect, look forward, and motivate ourself.

So, Energy Central Community members, what are your goals for 2023? They can be personal, professional, and/or for your organization. What are you hoping to accomplish in the coming year? And how might your peers across Energy Central be able to help you accomplish those goals? 

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We have patented a solution to lower energy prices in EU by some 25 to 35 percent in average for some 165 million out of EU 's 197 million households. Some very few will only be able to save 10% while even fewer will be saving 80%. The average is around those 25% to 35%.

We built prototype, proved the concept, patented and are now luring how we can find investors:-). 

By next winter we hope no European will suffer from the high energy pricing. Our system will not work in USA. Do you have someone who did it for your energy system the way yours work?

My 2 cents

To install a solar power plant near the largest copper mine in Chile to boost copper production. This metal is urgently needed to accelerate the development of renewable energy. The DNI is 3700 kWh/m2 and with 1000 times the concentration of solar energy, one could generate a lot of electricity.
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David Svarrer on Jan 26, 2023

That is not true. What is true is that if the community in this world does bot soon wake up then solar energy and wind energy will sit on the usual big hands which right now controls the oil, gas and nuclear power. And then, you will be right, because the idiotic approach of central receipt of every man's goods, the renewable energy, after which it is sold expensively back to the common man, that, indeed will require all the copper in this world, and aluminium too.

If we now all wake up and get our own energy in our own backyard or on our own roofs, then neither copper mining kor bauxite mining need to go out of hands.


Leading to my goal for 2023: To start implementing our solar concentrator system with the first 10,000 homes in Somalia, where they are not so choosy with everything except that they are not stupid, and that they know how to distinguish top notch stainless steel quality from cheap Chinese plastic rubbish.

We are by the way distributing the construction or production of those and they are designed for normal homes for poor people in molybdenum steel which is known to last some 300 years. Three hundred just so you know it's not a spelling error.

Have a lovely 2023.

I recently had an opportunity to file testimony in a utility rate case. My testimony spoke to how just and reasonable rates must also reflect and address the goals of energy justice. In 30 years in the business, this was the first time that I can recall seeing an entire case put on by an intervenor group that said "The Commission should review the rate and spending proposals through the lens of Energy Justice." My goal is to build on this work--get the justice fully [back] into "just and reasonable" rates.

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David Svarrer on Jan 26, 2023

This is commendable. It would however be much more easy to achieve when there is real competition.

In EU you have seen how the energy grid which was supposed to provide competition, had turned into 3 titted money milking cows as the energy provider's simply reduced the supply on their so called competitive energy bourse to some 5% to 8% below demand. This sends pricing soaring up to 700% to 900%. Just watch the pricing on Nordpool or any of the other cartel-bourses. 

The problem is that the user is still not free. The user is locked to the grid, hence the name: the Grid. So the user must choose between one of the 30 cartel members to get their energy. Uncle Scrooge didn't live in vain.

Only way to get proper competition is within renewable energy when there is no grid lock in. 

When people have their own power being it wind or solar on their own land.

My 2 cents


The energy industry is changing rapidly and there are many new employees in the electric business. It's the goal of my business to educate the industry in accounting, finance, and strategy implementation. Spread the word! We hope that by education we can help the business be effective and efficient in delivery to customers.

My additional goal is that there is exponential progress in battery storage to help the usefulness of renewable resources. That's a big ask.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment and I hope you all have a wonderfully productive and blessed New Year!



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David Svarrer on Jan 26, 2023

Lovely 🐦❤️

Educators fulfill a great mission everywhere in human life.