Direct Options

Helping utilities achieve their marketing objectives for over 25 years. We work with utilities across the country providing data-driven insights, innovative strategies, and practical solutions that enhance customer experience and improve engagement.


Direct Options provides exceptional marketing strategy and product solutions to energy providers by focusing on customer alignment.  Alignment is created when your marketing initiatives match the wants, needs and expectations of your customers. When full alignment occurs, marketing costs reduce, sales increase and you deliver greater customer satisfaction. 

We can show you how to present the right offer at the right time to the right customer. When customers receive the products and services they care about, you build trust. And with increased trust, you become a trusted partner.


Our Offerings

Residential segmentation that gives you the power of customized segmentation without the hassle or cost.

PowerSegments is the new residential segmentation from Direct Options that puts the power of utility customer data in your hands. You get the benefits of customized segmentation built for your needs and territory, without the hassle or expense of customization. Imagine what you can do in:

  • Market Research and Analytics – Combine and enhance your energy data, demographics, psychographics and program preferences in one place to accelerate research requests and marketing list selections.
  • Program Management – Know each customer’s preferred program type and energy efficiency savings potential to better target your program.
  • Marketing Communications – Deliver relevant messaging and preferred channel for each segment to ensure your customers take notice of your advertising and program offers.


The Customer Optimization Project (COP) is Direct Options’ residential analytics methodology that produces two primary outputs:

  • Customer Insights allows you to more effectively target each customer with the right programs, right messages through the right channel. This results in increased adoption and satisfaction while lowering cost of acquisition and customer fatigue.
  • Portfolio Strategy provides the tools for portfolio planning such as unmet program needs, market potential, best next programs and the financials of your portfolio. It supports financial business planning, portfolio strategy and regulatory planning.

Our other offerings include:

Customer Insights

Our customer insights products help you understand your customers to grow customer satisfaction and ensure a customer experience that leads to satisfied customers.

Portfolio Strategy

Our portfolio strategy products help you understand your customers’ experience with your programs as well as how they impact revenue to lead to more effective portfolio strategy and marketing.

Program Marketing

Our understanding of what drives utility customers paired with our deep understanding of utility programs sets our program marketing apart from other providers. Our specialties include energy efficiency, demand response, billing programs, home protection, behavioral programs and renewables.