CTC Global Corporation, based in Irvine, California developed, tested and produces the composite core used in ACCC® Bare Overhead Conductors. The ACCC Conductor, produced in association with 35 international stranding partners including General Cable, Lamifil, Taihan and others, leverages advanced carbon fiber technology to help improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resiliency of electric power grids worldwide. The ACCC Conductor offers greater strength, higher capacity and lower line losses compared to any other bare overhead conductor on the market today. Line loss reductions range from 25 to 40% or more. Reduced line losses not only reduces fuel consumption and associated emissions, it also frees up generation capacity that is otherwise wasted. For more information, please visit ctcglobal.com or call +1(949) 428-8500. To date, over 100,000 km of ACCC Conductor has been deployed to more than 800 projects in 60 countries.